Live on Wire:
Joel Sallow

This already looks awesome! If any of you #PowerShell folks are music buffs or just want to get in early and chime in on design for the DSL so you can play around with music in PS as easily as possible, check this out!……

ISESteroids is a PowerShell extension for the built-in ISE PowerShell editor that ships with Windows. It adds a vast number of professional editing capabilities to the ISE, helping you to write professional PowerShell code faster and better.


Run this code to download and install ISESteroids:

# install it from the PowerShell Gallery – needs to be done only once:
Install-Module -Name ISESteroids -Scope CurrentUser -Force

# launch ISESteroids (do this from inside the ISE editor, not the console!)
If you like what ISESteroids does, and to support the ISESteroids project, you can buy a license here. All licenses are life-time licenses, with no maintenance fees or additional hidden cost.