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#psconfeu @PSAdm when you manage your personal agenda via #PowerShell, each entry is per speaker, not session: (irm | ? Name -NotMatch '(Lunch|Coffee) Break$' | Group-Object Name | Where Count -gt 1 | Select -expand Group | Select Name, Speaker

ISESteroids is a PowerShell extension for the built-in ISE PowerShell editor that ships with Windows. It adds a vast number of professional editing capabilities to the ISE, helping you to write professional PowerShell code faster and better.


Run this code to download and install ISESteroids:

# install it from the PowerShell Gallery – needs to be done only once:
Install-Module -Name ISESteroids -Scope CurrentUser -Force

# launch ISESteroids (do this from inside the ISE editor, not the console!)
If you like what ISESteroids does, and to support the ISESteroids project, you can buy a license here. All licenses are life-time licenses, with no maintenance fees or additional hidden cost.