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Digging the risk assessment in ISESteroids 2.0. That is pretty slick..

Jaded Treebeard

Rapid Function Creation in ISESteroids is amazing!

Adrian Rodriguez

I just discovered how to view the refactoring rules for ISESteroids 2.0 and assume I can now write my own rules - Sweet!

Matt McNabb

The tool is what we have been looking for, and it is incredibly slick just being a module

Amit Katwa

I’ve got the solution. I will continue my religion just use ISESteroids as the religion converter!

Adam Bertram

If you haven't tried out PowerShell ISE on Steriods do it now

Thomas Strömberg

It’s one of those rare products that makes working so much more enjoyable and productive. Thank you!

Nicholas Ferguson

It really is an awesome PowerShell add-on. Neat, clean & REALLY useful.

Ben Wilkinson

ISESteroids is f**king awesome!!! Shut up and take my money!

Kevin Bhunut

One of my favorite tools...

Daniel Sörlöv

At work hackathon and so happy I have ISEsteroids to help me debug my module a lot faster


I’m lucky if I use probably a quarter of the features of ISESteroids.  It’s an integral part of my code writing now.


ISESteroids: Visual Studio features for PowerShell ISE

Scott Kearney

using Isesteroids with  Powershell remote tab and psedit on Nanoserver LOVE IT!!!

Manuel Henke

ISESteroids is awesome! If it can refactor the mess that is PowerSploit, I'm sold.

Matt Graeber

This enhancement to the ISE is pretty damn powerful

Jimmy Madrid

If you write PowerShell, make sure you get hold of a copy of ISESteroids - Awesome utility

James Bannan

ISESteroids is like ReSharper for ISE! Just beautiful!

Guido Oliveira

If you're a regular user of Powershell you MUST check out IseSteroids. And yes - that's an order!

Iain Brighton

After 10 mins convinced that PowerShell ISESteroids is worth its price. What an awesome tool!

Stefan Stranger

How to get best experience in PowerShell ISE? Use ISESteroids!

Rudolf Vesely

You like PowerShell ISE? Take a look at ISESteroids by @TobiasPSP ... It's like Red Bull for ISE and gives IDE functionalities!

Jeff Wouters, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

I just love the ISESteroids PowerShell ISE add on.

Narayanan Lakshmanan, Microsoft PowerShell Team

Everyone else writing Powershell IDEs should stop what they’re doing and jump on the ISESteroids team!

Chris Rogers

love Powershell? but want a more Visual Studio like editor with ReSharper capabilities? one stop: ISESteroids!

Mike Martin

IseSteroids helps script sharing by analyzing security risks! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to happen!

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

Powershell debugging with ISESteroids, helpful features like Break On Variable Read/Write. save me a lot of time

Florian Zoller

Just received my license for ISESteroids! Looking forward to increasing my productivity!

Trevor Sullivan, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

Just got my ISESteroids license. Life is grand!

Stein Peterson

This really is the ISE on steroids … and not just a small sneaky dose of anabolic steroids either; this beast would get the ISE banned from athletics for life!

Andrew Johnson

Pulled the trigger on ISESteroids Enterprise after calculating the ROI. No brainer. Thanks!

Chris Wahl

I first tried ISE Steroids with some trepidation but was actually immediately impressed.

Andrew Johnson

Shoutout to ISESteroids at auteched. Go check it out everybody!

David O'Brien

Want to see how AWESOME PowerShell ISE can be? Go grab ISESteroids today!

Bartek Bielawski, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

ISESteroids is by far my favorite add-on.

Michael Noe

ISESteroids increased my productivity

Ryan Yates

Seriously..  If you do any sort of #PowerShell coding...ISESteroids is awesome.  Well worth the Investment!


Wow!  ISESteroids makes ConvertFrom-String SO EASY! This is really amazing. Office should do this!

Stephen Owen

I could not have been more impressed. You have truly done some amazing work with the ISE. You have taken it from being a great tool to a remarkable tool.

Scott Kearny

If you haven't tried it yet, #ISESteroids is AWSOME! Go download a preview right away!

Simon Wahlin

Keep up the good work - this is a great product and  the first real professional add-on for the ISE!

Matt McNabb

I am really impressed with #Powershell ISESteroids. You must take a look,

Laerte Junior, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

ISESteroids - must have!

Reinhard Teischl

ISESteroids will safe you hours of work. Do the math. Buying a license is a no-brainer.

Stefan Stranger

Awesome ISESteroids got even more awesome! PowerShell Risk Assessment with ISESteroids 2.0

Bartek Bielawski (PowerShell MVP)

Now use ISESteroids everyday for powershell scripts development. My 'other' IDE is now retired.

Juerg Steiger

This is by FAR! the coolest add-on/extension ever for Powershell !! ISESteroids rules!

Mike Martin, Microsoft Azure MVP

ISESteroids V2 version control is just what I needed for my powershell scripts!

Jason Benway

Check out ISESterioids! Great PowerShell ISE addin!

Lee Holmes, Microsoft PowerShell Team

People keep raving about PowerShell ISESteriods. I've got to install it and give it a try

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

HEADS UP I'll evaluate all the contest scripts using ISESteriods. I've been using it to clean up my scripts.

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

Not sure if it’s WMF5 or the ISESteroids V2 but my DSC writing experience is now vastly improved.

Jason Morgan

Been using ISESteroids for two months now and it's already a vital part of my scripting process

Thomas Rayner

Bring your PowerShell editing experience to the next level, and try ISESteroids! It’s a PowerShell module by itself, so it requires no classic installation, no special permissions, and is up and running in less than three minutes.


Download and Run ISESteroids Now

Discover ISESteroids Features

Latest PowerShell Tip

Here is an example how you can add a dynamic variable to PowerShell. The code below creates a new variable named $now that always returns the current date and time:  
Add-Type 'using System;
using System.Management.Automation;
public class FixedVariableNow : PSVariable
  public FixedVariableNow() : base("Now", 0, ScopedItemOptions.ReadOnly | ScopedItemOptions.AllScope)

  public override object Value
   get { return DateTime.Now; }

$ExecutionContext.SessionState.PSVariable.Set((new-object FixedVariableNow))
  So here is what happens when you query $now:

PS C:\Users\tobwe> $Now

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 2:08:48 PM

PS C:\Users\tobwe> $Now

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 2:14:07 PM

PS C:\Users\tobwe> $now

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 2:14:11 PM

PS C:\Users\tobwe>
  It auto-magically updates itself.

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