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Agenda Competition: Create Conference Agenda App in PowerShell!

(screenshot taken from our first agenda challenge submission, a graphical psconf.eu agenda browser by David das Neves)

We just published this one-liner:

(iwr powershell.love -UseB).Content.SubString(1)|ConvertFrom-Json|%{$_}|ogv

It produces a simple yet pretty¬†efficient agenda search app. Of course, there’s still room for improvement. And the first massively improved submissions have already been surfacing (read on)!

Agenda Competition: Create a PowerShell Conference App, and Win!

Lets have some fun with this one-liner: turn it into something bigger, better, more sophisticated! Add a user interface, different search options, better output. The best scripts will be presented at psconf.eu and can win free licenses for ISESteroids Enterprise and hand-made psconf.eu PowerShell coffee mugs, and Amazon gift certificates.

Please send your scripts to [email protected]


David das Neves submitted a full-fledged PowerShell-based WPF agenda searcher. Just download the ZIP, unblock, extract, and run Sessions_PSConfEU2017.lnk!

PSAgendaApp David
PSAgendaApp David
4.1 MiB