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Controlling Verbose Output – and a few additional hidden gems

Wouldn’t it be nice to control verbose and debugging messages on the fly? Let’s say you have a long-running script, and you would like to enable verbose and debug output for the already running script.

Auxiliary Information Manager

Beginning in, there is a new menu in the debug menu called “Advanced”. It sports the all-new “Auxiliary Information Manager” that lets you do just that. It comes as a floating window, and you immediately see the status of all of your auxiliary information outputs. Click on an icon to change the setting – this works anytime, even in the middle of running a script.

Strict Mode and ExecutionPolicy Override

The “Advanced” menu has more good stuff:

  • Strict Mode tells you whether you are currently in strict language mode, and you can enable/disable strict mode easily. Strict mode is useful for debugging scripts because PowerShell will then send error messages for undefined variables and non-existing methods.
  • Execution Policy Override: If you work in a locked-down environment, and execution policy won’t allow you to run scripts, enable the override.

Simulation Mode

The “Level” menu also got some additions:

  • Simulate: turns on “whatif” for all cmdlets
  • Confirm: shows the current confirmation level, and lets you change it