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New Beta Version

Thank you for your great feedback! We just published a new beta version ( which superseeds the beta published earlier today. It is available for download here:

ISESteroids (Prerelease)
ISESteroids (Prerelease)
26.0 MiB

Note that beta versions will not be available in the PowerShell Gallery.

The new beta version fixes a number of issues, but as always adds new features as well:

  • You can now decide whether the function navigator combo includes regions as well, and can decide whether regions will appear sorted alphabetically, or in the order in which they were defined. Simply right-click the function navigator bar to see a context menu.
  • The same context menu now also provides quick access to the indentation settings, so you can easily decide the indent size and type (tabs or spaces)
  • There is a new toolbar button that adds vertical guide lines aligned to the current indentation settings.

A full list of all changes can be found in the version history.

Please comment so we know if things are working right for you, and what additional ideas you may have.