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“Trial Expired” – is your ISESteroids a beta version?

Occasionally, when IT consultants visit customer sites, they stumble across dinosaurs like Windows NT servers, or Windows XP clients. “They work fine for us, and we want to avoid upgrade blues!” – Apparently, the same is true for early ISESteroids preview versions we had published during beta.

Preview versions generally have an expiration date. So if ISESteroids reports a “trial is expired”, then this is most likely not related to your license. You are simply using a very old ISESteroids preview version. Fortunately, updating the the final ISESteroids version is really easy, and it’s free, too.

If you are in doubt, check the version of your ISESteroids installation. ISESteroids reports its version. You can also right-click isesteroids.dll and find out the version by choosing “Properties”, “Details”.

Download and Install Production Version

To update to the final version, visit the “dowload & install” page and follow the installation instructions. There is no need to re-apply your license file. All you need to do is update the ISESteroids module (when you unzipped the download, run install.bat, or when you use PowerShell 5, run Update-Module ISESteroids). Just make sure no ISESteroids instance is running while you are trying to update it.

We worked very hard on the feedback you provided during beta, and the final version runs much faster, is much more stable, and has many more features.

To see the ISESteroids evolution process, simply visit the version history page. It tells you exactly when a version was published, and what has improved since.

Updates are Free

Anyone supporting this project by getting a licence is entitled to free updates for ISESteroids 2. No limits. No time restrictions, no maintenance fees.

So take advantage of this privilege, and update frequently! Currently, updating is a manual process. In the future, we will add automatic update notifications that you can turn on.

You don’t have to update, though. Once you have installed a final version (not a preview beta version), you are good to go. There will never be expiration dates anymore (other than the free trial period for unlicensed users).

If you do not have a license yet, and like ISESteroids, we’d greatly appreciate if you joined the club and got one. License revenues fund this project and help us get the budget to add more good stuff. Since licenses come with free updates, you’ll benefit from your investment. New features added are available to all licensed ISESteroids users at no cost.