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Fast ScriptBlock Navigation

In the latest release, we added a fast way to navigate in scriptblocks:

When you hold CTRL and then press ArrowUp or ArrowDown, the caret moves to the beginning/end of the current scriptblock.

You can use this to quickly navigate to the beginning or end of a PowerShell function, for example. It works inside any scriptblock, though.

A lot more goodies can be found in the brand-new article “Rapid PowerShell Development“.

Simplified Installing or Updating for ISESteroids

The latest release also comes with a file install.bat. It makes installing or updating ISESteroids much easier.

Simply unpack the downloaded ZIP file, then double-click install.bat. Within seconds, your ISESteroids module is ready for Action.

Of course, when you are already running PowerShell 5, it is even easier to use PSGet:

Install-Module ISESteroids -Scope CurrentUser