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Final Release on May 11

Thanks so much for your great feedback and suggestions!

The release of the final version has shifted again by one week and now is scheduled May 11. Here is why.

PowerShell Conference & Recharge Time

One important reason for the shift is plain personal: we just held the German PowerShell conference which was lots of fun.

Organizing such a conference is not exactly trivial, though, and frankly, when the conference adrenaline dropped again, I found myself way more exhausted than I thought. I needed an unplanned week of recharge time. I hope you can understand.

Final Touches

In addition, we  received important feedback that influences the final release:

  • Themes: we had a lot of requests for additional themes, and Matt created a new “Monokai”-like theme which will be part of the upcoming release
  • User Interfaces: Jeff Wouters already took a test-ride creating WPF user interfaces with ISESteroids, and the new WPF integration really works well. Originally, ISESteroids used the Visual Studio WPF design surface which works great but requires a full VisualStudio edition (or the free Community edition). We feel that designing and editing WPF should also work with the free VisualStudio Express editions, and we want to add integration of any other WPF editor you like (especially more light-weight alternatives such as Kaxaml etc.)
  • New SKUs: as you probably noted, ISESteroids 2.0 will be available in two flavors: Professional and Enterprise. Professional contains a subset of the complete Enterprise features.
    We noticed that a lot of users purchase licenses for themselves and pay them out of their own pocket, often because it is a hassle to get approval for official purchases. We want to honor this and make sure users who pay out of their own pocket will continue to be able to affort the full-featured Enterprise version.

The good news is that due to the 1 week delay, this also extendes the introductory offer: any license sold until May 11 automatically upgrades to Enterprise level. Plus, the final touches to WPF/user interface design will make this feature even more useful and powerful.

So I hope you can appreciate my need for a short break.