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“FocusView” and Enhanced InstantSearch

ISESteroids RC2 would not load correctly when the new PowerShell 5 Start-Transcript was active.

So here is a new release that fixes this, plus is adding a radical new feature for you: FocusView!

What the heck is “FocusView”?

Before I’ll show you the all new¬†“FocusView”, first check out the also all-new InstantSearch integration.

Here is a walkthrough:

  1. Open a large script, then select a variable name or command, for example by double-clicking it.
  2. Press CTRL+F. Instead of the old Find/Replace dialog, InstantSearch immediately selects the word plus all other instances of it in lightning speed.
  3. Press ENTER or SHIFT+ENTER to move to the next or previous instance.
  4. When the focus is in the editor, press F3 or SHIFT+F3 to do the same.
  5. So where is the rename? Press F2, and simply start typing. All instances are changed.
  6. Now to FocusView: press CTRL+F3. The editor now only shows the lines that have a match. Press CTRL+F3 again, or ESC, to get back to full view. This also is highly optimized, and really fast even with large scripts, when you consider what is needed to identify all nonmatching lines, and hiding or showing them.

It’s an All-New Navigation System!

While in FocusView, you can now easily focus on what you care about. For example, a variable name or function name.

Then, place the caret on the line that you would like to jump to, and press ESC to restore full view – bam, there you are!

So FocusView is not just for quickly examining search results.

It is also a completely new generation navigation system, almost eliminating the need for bookmarks.

What Else?

Navigation across documents has improved, too. For a list of improvements and additions, as always, check out the version history.