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Combat PowerShell Illiteracy

Let me introduce to you our “Combat PowerShell Illiteracy” program! It provides free ISESteroids licenses to trainers around the world in an effort to fight the vicious PowerShell Illiteracy that is on the downrise but still prevalent in many places.

As a trainer myself, I know how much faster students can understand, and how much more enjoyable a training gets with the right tools.

ISESteroids was originally created as a learning tool, and only later evolved to become a premium PowerShell development environment. It’s the perfect tool for PowerShell classes.

Free Licenses for Trainers

We already have a free license program called “Helping Hand Initiative“: anyone who cannot afford to buy a license can give back in time and work. This program targets individuals, for example students or hobbyists.

Now we add a second initiative – “Combat PowerShell Illiteracy – Free Trainer License Program” – providing free licenses to trainers who teach PowerShell or related topics (including all Microsoft Windows topics as they all touch PowerShell).

Whether you are an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), or a freelancer giving PowerShell classes, or whether you are a teacher at an educational institute: you can qualify for a free personal license (Enterprise level with all features enabled). This is not a limited time offer per se, but we do reserve the right to end the program at any time. All issued licenses will of course remain valid.

What About Class Rooms?

There are no free class-room licenses. If you wanted to make ISESteroids part of your regular teaching software for students, you could use the full-featured PowerShell Specialist license at reasonable cost.

Or, you use the free trial period for your classes. The trial period provides 10 distinct testing days which is more than sufficient for most PowerShell classes. This would require some image-based or virtual classroom setting, though, that you can reset after the class.

If your students feel they would like to own their own copy of ISESteroids, simply direct them to our Helping Hand Initiative, and they could help us making ISESteroids even better, and earn a license in return. There are many fun and creative ways. Just have them contact us so we can work out something that would help ISESteroids and is fun for your students.

How to Apply

Please do us and yourself a big favor, and only apply if you are really an MCT or teacher as outlined above. We want to be generous to the teaching community and help increase the PowerShell literacy around the world. Do not abuse the program. If you are a commercial company or an employee of a commercial organization, please give back your share in terms of a regular license. This funds the ISESteroids project, and TCO is a snap: ISESteroids will pay back within days in speed, efficiency, and quality of code you create.

To apply for a free trainer license, please send a mail to [email protected], and include your full name and references, like a public course plan, or your MCT profile, or send the mail from an .edu account and provide a link to the staff member page.

Please do not use the support ticket system for your license requests! It is reserved for suggestions and issue reporting.

We take great care to process your requests in a timely manner but since it’s a manual process, please allow for some time to process.

Have Ideas?

If you have suggestions or ideas how we can help you further, please do not hesitate to contact us. Use the support form at the bottom of all ISESteroids pages on this site please.