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Illegal Character Detection, AutoUpdate & more

ISESteroids is out with a bunch of new things. Here is a quick walkthrough.

Illegal Character Detection

When you copy&paste code from websites or PDFs, often the code contains illegal characters or typographic quotes and/or hyphens. Whenever this occurs, ISESteroids now slides in a warning panel at the bottom of your editor pane, offering to auto-correct these issues.

Customizable WPF Templates

When you right-click an empty spot in your editor, and in the context menu choose “WPF”, you get support for user interface creation. In past versions, this was a fixed template. It now is a fully customizable menu structure that you can populate with your favorite WPF scripts.

Simply click “Open WPF Sample Folder” to open the folder in Windows Explorer. Next, create submenus and/or save your template files to this folder. They will then immediately show up in the context menu.


To keep track of latest ISESteroids updates, there is a new menu item in menu “Help” called “Check for ISESteroids Updates”.  You can choose auto-check intervals, and/or check immediately for updates.

If there is a new version available, ISESteroids offers to update. Depending on how you originally installed ISESteroids, you get directed to the manual download, or ISESteroids runs Update-Module for you.


This ISESteroids update addresses a lot of fixes, too. The complete list is documented on the version history page.