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ISE freezes when searching help

Due to a bug in early releases of PowerShell 5, ISE may freeze when you run Get-Help to search for help content. It may take up to 8 minutes until search results come in, and there is no way to stop the operation. But there is a simple fix: get the latest version of PowerShell 5! It is available for all major windows versions!

Get PowerShell 5 RTM!

To solve the issue, simply update to the latest PowerShell 5 version:

  • Windows 10: install the latest OS updates. They will also install the latest PowerShell 5 version.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise with volume key: download the 1511 ISO from the Volume Licensing Service Center and update using that (thanks Joshua for this information).
  • Other Windows Versions: Navigate to this article where you find a link to the Download center.  Download the appropriate version, and install it

WARNING: Apparently, PowerShell 5 RTM resets $env:PSModulePath, so any custom module stored in a non-default location may stop working. Make sure you check the current value of $env:PSModulePath before installing, and restore that value afterwards if needed.

Where is Windows 7 64bit Support?

When you visit the download center, you find a download for Windows 7 Client as well, however it is for x86 only. The 64bit component seems to be missing. As it turns out, the server packages are working both for client and server. So to get PowerShell 5 RTM for 64bit Windows 7, download W2K8R2-KB3094176-x64.msu.

Note that this may be corrected in the future, so if you do see a download for Windows 7 64bit eventually, take that one.