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ISESteroids 18-Month-Guarantee

Here is a question we frequenly get: “When you buy a license for ISESteroids now, how long will it last?”

And the answer is of course: “forever”. The version you purchased will run without time constraints forever. That’s how most software vendors put it in the fine print. But what about updates? And new versions?

The PowerShell ecosystem is vibrant and innovative. So we regularly add minor and major updates to adjust to new PowerShell features, add new feature requests, or even add significant new features like PSSharper or Script Code Obfuscation. They are all free. We don’t believe in maintenance contracts. When you purchase a license, you give back your part to maintain and support this project, and get all future updates for free. So it is a one-time investment for you, while we continue to invest and regularly add minor and major updates (check version history for details).

Ok, and what about new versions? What if ISESteroids 3.0 comes out?  Formally, we do reserve the right to charge for upgrades should we ever release a new major version. We don’t know what a future version of ISESteroids will look like, and cover, and what cost is attached to providing its services. Thus, we cannot make a generic statement for future versions.  We never charged in the past. When ISESteroids moved from 1.0 to 2.0, all existing licenses were upgraded free of charge.

Still, to nail us on a policy, we add a new guarantee to all licenses, existing and new, to safeguard you:

“If there is a new major version released within 18 months of your license purchase, you are guaranteed to get it for free.”