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We just released ISESteroids, and I’d like to point you to the things we added and fixed, plus talk a bit about the upcoming things.

25.9 MiB

Simply install this over your existing installation to upgrade, or on PowerShell 5, use Update-Module ISESteroids to update, or Install-Module ISESteroids to download and install it. If you are new to ISESteroids, when you installed it, run Start-Steroids from within the ISE editor to load the extension.

A Modern UI

ISESteroids has come a long way, and a year ago, at the PowerShell EU Summit in Amsterdam, I presented ISESteroids 2.0 to a broad audience. Next week, a new PowerShell summit takes place in Stockholm, so that’s a good time to start consolidating some¬†things.

New UI

New ISESteroids UI with modern script tabs and scrollbars

ISESteroids is so feature-rich yet keeps things simple that a lot of users are surprised when they “discover” features that they did not even know were there. In addition, we often receive feature requests for things that are already in the product.

While we definitely want to keep the ISESteroids UI simple and unobtrusive, it’s now time to consolidate and reorganize the UI a bit. This is going to be the focus for the next months. The first change can be seen in this release. We replaced the editor tabs with a more modern editor tab system similar to what you find in VisualStudio.

Only the active tab is colorized, and when you hover over other tabs, you get a close button so you can close unwanted documents without having to select them first.

While at it, we also changed the appearance of the scroll bars in an effort to give ISE the modern look and feel it deserves. The navigation bar with the search field also got a little redesign to match the modern UI.

The next step is organizing the features in a more intuitive way, adding lots of functionality into the context menus. We are also working on better icons. Some have reported they appear blurry on higher resolutions.

Working on UI and usability is just one thing, though. We also have a todo list for additional feature requests and issues you reported. Please give us a bit of time to work these in as we overhaul the appearance.

PowerShell 5 Debugging

Next week at the PowerShell EU summit in Stockholm, I am going to present on debugging techniques, and I’ll also focus on the new debugging features found in PowerShell 5. While preparing the presentations, I noticed that ISESteroids did not play well with the new runspace debugging in PS5. So this release fixes this, and you can use all the new and great debugging features from within ISESteroids, plus the extended debug controls and variable monitor added by ISESteroids now work for runspace and remote debugging as well.


This release also contains a bunch of fixes. For example, snippet insertion into the console was broken. This is now fixed. Simply try and enter Get-Process into the console, then enter wh and press TAB. Where-Object, one of the code snippets, is automatically inserted. There is *still* a little bug in it, and on some rare occasions, the snippet is not inserted into the console but the editor instead, but we are confident have this completely fixed soon.

Another issue affected Desired State Configuration (DSC) scripts. The color theme “Default” used a very light color for unclassified tokens. As it turns out, when you write DSC scripts, parsing is slower than usual, and the unclassified color is applied often. So this release defines unclassified tokens in the default theme as “black”. To apply the fix on existing installations that you upgrade, simply re-apply the color theme “Default”: on the seondary toolbar, click the button with ¬†the three color circles, choose “Color Theme”, then “Default”.

We also continued to optimize the launch process so ISESteroids loads faster when you need it.

Hope to see some of you in Stockholm! And if you are located in Germany, there are two public 4-day classes I hold in Oct and Nov in Munich (details on powershell.de).