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ISESteroids with LivePresent and other features

We just released version, and I’d like to walk you through a couple of the new features. To update to this new version, either visit the download page, or if you have installed ISESteroids with PowerShellGet, run this:

Update-Module -Name ISESteroids


In preparation of our PowerShell Conference EU later this year, ISESteroids now comes with a cool new feature called LivePresent. It is designed to help you with live and demo-rich technical presentations – but can also be used as a lightweight project management tool.

You’ll notice a new icon in the toolbar. Click it to open the LivePresent Addon-Tool. This tool has two panes: “Slides” and “Decks”.

Open LivePresent

“Decks” are really just folders, so you can either click the “Add” button in the lower left corner of the Addon tool, or right-click empty space and choose a folder on one of your drives.

Once you added a folder (“Deck”), click the “Slides” tab to see the folder content. You can now drag and drop items in this folder to change the order of the list. Note that you currently cannot drag new items into this list. To add new items, use the “Add” button in the left bottom corner. Drag&Drop is supported for reordering only at this point.

For a presentation, i.e., you could select a folder with your sample scripts, then drag them into the right order for your presentation.

When you click an item in the “Slides” list, ISE will automatically open and show the file. A green triangle icon indicates which of the list items currently has focus. A gray item indicates that this item is opened already, but currently has no focus.

Slides Panel

You can even add PowerPoint slide decks to this list by clicking “Add”, then “PowerPoint Presentation”. PowerPoint files open in PowerPoint when you double-click them.

To deliver a presentation, just click “Start Presentation”. While in presentation mode, there are a couple of important things going on:

  • When you click a PowerPoint presentation, the presentation immediately starts in FullScreen mode. When the presentation ends, ISESteroids has moved to the next slide, i.e. a demo or any other item. Just make sure you do not have two PowerPoint presentation files following each other in this release.
  • You can use a presenter control to easily move to the next or previous item in the slides list. This way, you can deliver presentations freely. You do not need to always return to your machine and press a button just to show the next script or slide.
  • You can display a progress bar at the top of ISESteroids to give you a quick clue if you are still good with your presentation time.
  • IMPORTANT: While in presentation mode, you cannot type a “.”. The dot is a special character that can be emitted by presenter controls and is treated as such. We will revise this in a future release.

When you right-click “Start Presentation”, you get a context menu with settings. Here, you can control the stop watch and determine how much presentation time you have. You can also enable an auto-close mode where ISESteroids automatically closes the previous script before it opens a new one. This keeps your UI clean and clutterless.

LivePresent was created primarily with presentations in mind, but when you do not turn on Presentation mode, it can be pretty useful as a simple yet easy to use project folder management tool. Please keep in mind that this is the very first version of LivePresent, so there may still be flaws, and you may have many additional requests. Please use our support forum to file bugs or feature requests.

PowerShellGet Compliant Module Creation

When you export your functions to a module, modules are now compliant with PowerShellGet. So if you place your cursor inside a function, then click the “Export to Module” button in the navigation bar, the module you create can be easily uploaded to the PowerShell Gallery (use Publish-Module) or to your own Repository.

Export Module

When you export a function to an existing module, ISESteroids automatically increments the module minor version by one.

Create 32bit-Executables

When you turn a script into an executable (Menu Tools/Create Application), you now have a choice to create a 32bit executable. This can be helpful when you must ensure that a script runs in a 32bit environment, even on 64bit systems.

32bit Executables

Bug Fixes

We also fixed a number of minor or annoying bugs in this release. And we will continue to do so. We plan to ship another update early in April, targeting many of the other items and feature requests you submitted.

Thanks so much for your help and support,



There are still a couple of seats available for the awesome PowerShell Conference Europe 2016 in April. Don’t miss this! This is going to be epic.