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ISESteroids 2.3 – What’s New?

We just released ISESteroids 2.3, and you can download it or install it directly from the PowerShellGallery (on PowerShell 5).

Note: If the download link reports an older version, please refresh your browser cache. The download will get you the latest version, no matter what your browser says.

ISESteroids 2.3 comes with an exciting list of new features and a lot of smaller things to improve performance and fix issues. A full list can be found here.

Now to the new key features. We added a bunch of videos to illustrate what they do:

1. Advanced Search

Search across multiple locations, based on file name or content:

2. HelpCache

Use PowerShell help no matter what. No Administrator privileges needed anymore to install help files, and your computer does not need to be touched.

3. Test Arguments

Submit test arguments to your scripts, and submit these arguments when test driving your scripts in a clean console as well:

Vertical Guidelines

Use vertical guidelines to custom-align text, or get a visual hint when your code lines exceed a given length.

More details here.