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ISESteroids with PSSharper V2


ISESteroids is out and includes PSSharper V2, a much extended code analysis engine that helps you create better and safer code. If you have never used ISESteroids before, it takes just minutes to get started.

We’ll cover the feature set extensively soon at www.powershellmagazine.com. Here is a real quick intro.

PSSharper – Your Personal Code Reviewer

ISESteroids includes a “PSSharper bar” at the bottom of each editor pane. It sums up the issues, grouped into categories, that were found in the current script.

When you click a category, an addon opens and shows the individual issues, again grouped by issue type.

PSSharper V2

Custom Adornments and Custom Rules

You are free to disable any rule you don’t like, and you can even fully customize the types of adornments used by a rule to alert you. Simply click the “gear” icon on the right side of a rule header in the addon pane.

With the button in the upper right corner of the addon, you can then save your overall PSSharper configurations and create all the configs you may need.


PSSharper not just alerts you when there are issues. Most issues can also be autofixed. To autofix, click an adornment in your code. In the debugger margin, a light bulb is shown. Click it to see your options.


You can autofix using the PSSharper addon pane as well: Double-click an issue to fix it, and hold CTRL + double-click to fix all similar issues in the entire script.

Or, you can add one or more rules to a batch set: click the gear icon in the rule header, and batch-enable a rule. Then, click the “Run Batch” button at the lower end of the addon to run all rules, and quickly polish your script.

Note that not all rules can be automated. Some rules are explicitly marked as manual fix because they require a little thought on your side.

The Big Picture

There is much much more to discover. At this point, we invite you to download and test-drive the new version of ISESteroids. If you already own a license, this update is – as always – free. If you have no license yet, we sure would love to see you hop aboard.

The big story behind PSSharper and ISESteroids is this:

  • PowerShell is everywhere these days. It’s is definitely time to learn it. It’s your personal career decision.
  • Enterprises need capable and smart PowerShell coders. They cannot accept copy&pasted code fragments put together by PowerShell illiterates. They need tailored, safe and solid scripts created by ITPro with the necessary background knowledge.
  • That said, every day work often does not leave the time to send staff to trainings, and when you attend a training, you don’t necessarily get the information you need to improve your personal skills.

PSSharper is different. It is like your personal PowerShell buddy that looks over your shoulder and assists you and suggests things when *you* do or need them.

You can always shut PSSharper up, make PSSharper less (or more) obtrusive. PSSharper will pinpoint the things *you* do and care about, and provide help and information helping you to become a better PowerShell coder, and your company to get better script code.

We spent a lot of resources developing the internal engine in a fast and highly configurable way. Now we are focusing on the rule sets. Please share your experience, and suggest other rules and forms of code completion you’d like to see.

Thank you again for licensing this product. As you have seen over the past years, we take license revenues and reinvest, then make updates available to the community of all licensed users without extra cost. We believe it’s a fun and worthwhile investment for any professional PowerShell coder. We sure have a heck of fun developing these things for you, and listening to your feedback.

Talking of which: there is a backlog of feature requests and smaller issues. We wanted to complete PSSharper V2 first. Next, we’ll work our way through all the other great ideas you submitted.

May the PowerShell be with you,