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ISESteroids – A Quick Update

Last fall you have seen frequent updates to ISESteroids, almost weekly. In the past month or two, there were no new updates. So what’s going on?

New Features

A lot – and good stuff! We are working silently on a number of great new updates plus have a lot of minor polishing things on our agenda. We are looking into a much better Pester integration, among many other highlights. Yet, we decided not to add them at this point and rather keep the current version for a couple more months.

As you may have read, Microsoft has started to invest into ISE again, and we are thrilled to see this. The ISE editor will become an even stronger and more powerful PowerShell development tool and a good strategic decision.

It will take a couple of months until the dust settles and we all can see what kind of things the “new” ISE adds. It does not make much sense in this phase to add new features. Rather, we’d like to wait and see what supported APIs will be available eventually, and build on top of these. Meanwhile, we make sure that ISESteroids continues to works well – not just with the ISE versions integrated in PowerShell, but also with the separately available alpha versions.

New Version of ISESteroids?

There are tons of new things planned. There are no plans for a version shift this year, though. All new features go right into version 2.0. And all existing users can benefit from them. No need for “maintenance fees” or “upgrade licenses”. Thank you so much for your support. We give back to you.

PowerShell Conference EU

If you haven’t heard about the PowerShell Conference EU 2016 in April, go straight to www.psconf.eu and take a look at the awesome agenda! There are still a couple of seats left but the conference will probably sell out soonish within the next few weeks. If you are lucky enough to attend, I am really looking forward to meeting you, and discussing what you would like to see next in ISESteroids!