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What is ISESteroids?

ISESteroids is a PowerShell module designed to specifically extend the built-in ISE PowerShell editor. ISESteroids adds virtually hundreds of sophisticated, efficient and slick features to the ISE editor, and leaves plenty of room for you to customize, configure, and “make it yours”.

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Because ISESteroids is a module, you simply load that module to add professional editing, refactoring, and security functionality. No installation required, no special privileges needed.

Explore the Features!

To quickly discover what ISESteroids can do for you, take a look at the feature overview with plenty of 5-Minute-Walkthroughs. Or join the fun, and start your ISESteroids trial right now. It’s free, and it takes less that 5 minutes to get it up and running.

Remember, ISESteroids is a module. It’s a simple copy&paste operation. No messy installations. And nothing to clean up if you don’t like it. Simply delete the ISESteroids folder if you want to get rid of it again. Nothing to loose, much to gain.

Free Trial

When you download and install ISESteroids, you have plenty of time to test-drive all of its features. 10 distinct testing days without any feature restrictions get you going. We recommend once you installed ISESteroids, visit the Walkthrough section and enjoy some of the walkthroughs we have prepared for you.

During the trial, you get the chance to experience the difference between ISESteroids Professional and ISESteroids Enterprise. Simply open the menu “Level”, and choose the version you want to test. You can switch anytime, back and forth. Or take a look at the feature section. It tells you exactly what features are exclusive to ISESteroids Enterprise.


If you come to the conclusion ISESteroids is right for you, and you made up your mind about the ISESteroids version, please get yourself a license.

Licensing helps fund this project, and we are confident the time and effort ISESteroids will save you pays for the license in no time. As our thank-you for licensing, we give you unlimited updates for ISESteroids 2.0. So any new feature and any improvement we add to ISESteroids 2.0 will be available to you, too – for free, no subscriptions or other nonsense required.

If you have sales or license related questions about payment options, license types, or paying by invoice, please take a look at the Q&A section at the bottom.

Deployment and other Considerations

You are thinking about using ISESteroids in your company? Then you might be interested in the recommeded deployment strategies, and get background information on ISESteroids installation and preferred install locations.

Get in Touch!

We love to hear from you! Should you have any question that we could not answer here, or find glitches or suggest new features, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

This enhancement to the ISE is pretty damn powerful

Jimmy Madrid

If you write PowerShell, make sure you get hold of a copy of ISESteroids - Awesome utility

James Bannan

Awesome ISESteroids got even more awesome! PowerShell Risk Assessment with ISESteroids 2.0

Bartek Bielawski (PowerShell MVP)

Pulled the trigger on ISESteroids Enterprise after calculating the ROI. No brainer. Thanks!

Chris Wahl

Digging the risk assessment in ISESteroids 2.0. That is pretty slick..

Jaded Treebeard

Been using ISESteroids for two months now and it's already a vital part of my scripting process

Thomas Rayner

Now use ISESteroids everyday for powershell scripts development. My 'other' IDE is now retired.

Juerg Steiger

Just got my ISESteroids license. Life is grand!

Stein Peterson

The tool is what we have been looking for, and it is incredibly slick just being a module

Amit Katwa

I just love the ISESteroids PowerShell ISE add on.

Narayanan Lakshmanan, Microsoft PowerShell Team

I’ve got the solution. I will continue my religion just use ISESteroids as the religion converter!

Adam Bertram

Keep up the good work - this is a great product and  the first real professional add-on for the ISE!

Matt McNabb

Check out ISESterioids! Great PowerShell ISE addin!

Lee Holmes, Microsoft PowerShell Team

One of my favorite tools...

Daniel Sörlöv

If you haven't tried it yet, #ISESteroids is AWSOME! Go download a preview right away!

Simon Wahlin

ISESteroids is awesome! If it can refactor the mess that is PowerSploit, I'm sold.

Matt Graeber

I am really impressed with #Powershell ISESteroids. You must take a look,

Laerte Junior, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

ISESteroids increased my productivity

Ryan Yates

Wow!  ISESteroids makes ConvertFrom-String SO EASY! This is really amazing. Office should do this!

Stephen Owen

Shoutout to ISESteroids at auteched. Go check it out everybody!

David O'Brien

After 10 mins convinced that PowerShell ISESteroids is worth its price. What an awesome tool!

Stefan Stranger

I’m lucky if I use probably a quarter of the features of ISESteroids.  It’s an integral part of my code writing now.


Rapid Function Creation in ISESteroids is amazing!

Adrian Rodriguez

If you haven't tried out PowerShell ISE on Steriods do it now

Thomas Strömberg

I first tried ISE Steroids with some trepidation but was actually immediately impressed.

Andrew Johnson

People keep raving about PowerShell ISESteriods. I've got to install it and give it a try

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

This really is the ISE on steroids … and not just a small sneaky dose of anabolic steroids either; this beast would get the ISE banned from athletics for life!

Andrew Johnson

At work hackathon and so happy I have ISEsteroids to help me debug my module a lot faster


HEADS UP I'll evaluate all the contest scripts using ISESteriods. I've been using it to clean up my scripts.

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

You like PowerShell ISE? Take a look at ISESteroids by @TobiasPSP ... It's like Red Bull for ISE and gives IDE functionalities!

Jeff Wouters, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

ISESteroids will safe you hours of work. Do the math. Buying a license is a no-brainer.

Stefan Stranger

ISESteroids is like ReSharper for ISE! Just beautiful!

Guido Oliveira

IseSteroids helps script sharing by analyzing security risks! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to happen!

Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect and Mastermind

ISESteroids V2 version control is just what I needed for my powershell scripts!

Jason Benway

I could not have been more impressed. You have truly done some amazing work with the ISE. You have taken it from being a great tool to a remarkable tool.

Scott Kearny

This is by FAR! the coolest add-on/extension ever for Powershell !! ISESteroids rules!

Mike Martin, Microsoft Azure MVP

ISESteroids is by far my favorite add-on.

Michael Noe

Everyone else writing Powershell IDEs should stop what they’re doing and jump on the ISESteroids team!

Chris Rogers

Want to see how AWESOME PowerShell ISE can be? Go grab ISESteroids today!

Bartek Bielawski, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

It really is an awesome PowerShell add-on. Neat, clean & REALLY useful.

Ben Wilkinson

ISESteroids: Visual Studio features for PowerShell ISE

Scott Kearney

Seriously..  If you do any sort of #PowerShell coding...ISESteroids is awesome.  Well worth the Investment!


love Powershell? but want a more Visual Studio like editor with ReSharper capabilities? one stop: ISESteroids!

Mike Martin

Powershell debugging with ISESteroids, helpful features like Break On Variable Read/Write. save me a lot of time

Florian Zoller

I just discovered how to view the refactoring rules for ISESteroids 2.0 and assume I can now write my own rules - Sweet!

Matt McNabb

ISESteroids is f**king awesome!!! Shut up and take my money!

Kevin Bhunut

How to get best experience in PowerShell ISE? Use ISESteroids!

Rudolf Vesely

Not sure if it’s WMF5 or the ISESteroids V2 but my DSC writing experience is now vastly improved.

Jason Morgan

using Isesteroids with  Powershell remote tab and psedit on Nanoserver LOVE IT!!!

Manuel Henke

ISESteroids - must have!

Reinhard Teischl

It’s one of those rare products that makes working so much more enjoyable and productive. Thank you!

Nicholas Ferguson

Just received my license for ISESteroids! Looking forward to increasing my productivity!

Trevor Sullivan, Microsoft PowerShell MVP

If you're a regular user of Powershell you MUST check out IseSteroids. And yes - that's an order!

Iain Brighton

Quick Overview

Here is some video footage covering some of the features found in ISESteroids:


Interview with the Maker

ISESteroids is created by PowerShell MVP Dr. Tobias Weltner. He has written many books on PowerShell and is an experienced PowerShell consultant, trainer, and conference speaker.

With ISESteroids, Weltner aims to create your “personal PowerShell consultant”, helping you to learn, master, and leverage PowerShell whenever you code.

Listen to an interview recorded by Microsoft MVP Jeff Wouters at the European PowerShell Summit 2014 in Amsterdam, interviewing Dr. Tobias Weltner (you may want to pay special attention to minute 3 when PowerShell Inventor and master-mind Jeffrey Snover bursts in).


Support and Feedback

ISESteroids is a trademark of Dr. Tobias Weltner

  • Mark Schill

    I don’t see the link to download the preview version.

    • Tobias Weltner

      We added this now, sorry about this. You were a bit too fast for us!

  • Mark Demmer

    Tobias, you convinced me at the PSHSummit, I’m a happy Enterprise user.

    Murphy’s Law: No matter how awesome your script is, someone manages to write a script soooo bad, it breaks yours:

    You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
    At C:\SWSetup\Programs\ISESteroids2\Fixer\Command\CommandParameter\CommandParameter.ps1:34 char:13
    + if ($command.Parameters.ContainsKey($ParameterName))

    You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
    At C:\SWSetup\Programs\ISESteroids2\Fixer\Command\CommandPositionalParameter\CommandPositionalParameter.ps1:34 char:13
    + if ($command.Parameters.ContainsKey($parameterName) -eq $false)

    Cannot index into a null array.
    At C:\SWSetup\Programs\ISESteroids2\Fixer\Command\CommandPositionalParameter\CommandPositionalParameter.ps1:40 char:9
    + $ParameterObject = $Command.Parameters[$ParameterName]

    Do you need me to mail the script I’m refactor on?

    • Tobias Weltner

      Yes please, at tobias.weltner(AT)email.de!

      In fact, the problem looks worse than it is. You could probably ignore the error messages, and the refactoring result should still be ok. The refactoring scripts may run into AST conditions where information is missing, and then do nothing.

      The fixer in question is “Case-Correct Parameter Names” inside the node “Command”. You can see it when you click the “Advanced” tab in the refactoring addon.
      Either disable this one for now (uncheck the check mark), or right-click it and open it to fix it yourself. The easiest fix would be to put it into a try-catch block to silence the errors.

      I’d still greatly appreciate you sending me the script you refactored, so I can add more logic to the script to not throw the errors in the first place.

      • Problem is fixed now in the latest release.

  • Can we get a link to 2.0 Version History?

  • Herbert Preschern

    Hello Tobias,

    I tried out the ‘Normalize Variables.ps1’ of the Refactoring-Tool.
    Normalizing of line 2 and 3 does not work.
    Line 4 works, but if you press the ‘cancel’-button the ‘N’ of ‘VorName’ will be eaten up.

    1 $Vorname = ‘Tobias’
    2 ${VorName} = ‘Herbert’
    3 “Hello $VorName”
    4 ‘Hello {0}’ -f $VorName

    Great work! I love it!
    Kind regards,

    • What exactly did not work? Can you give an example?
      When you refactor scripts, currently undo history may be broken. This is due to a last minute optimization and will change in the final version.
      Thanks for your feedback…!

      • Herbert Preschern

        Hi Tobias,

        Sorry to be ambiguous. The lines beginning with 1..4 are the example.
        I´ll try another one.

        # Testing Refactoring AddOn: ‘Case-Correct Variable Names’
        # ——————————————————–
        # Made several typos in the variable-name ‘$Name’ and tried to correct them via ‘Case-Correct Variable Names’
        # Further, tried to case-correct the variable-name inside curly-braces and double-quotes.

        # define variable
        ${Name} = ‘Tobias’

        # ‘$Name’ and ${Name} reference the same object
        # (…although, Variable Monitor AddOn shows two separate script variables?!)

        # ‘Case-Correct Variable Names’ inside a double-quoted string
        “Hallo $NAme X${naME}X”


        • Tobias Weltner

          Ah, got it!
          You could do me a great favor: could you post this as a bug to the support system (at the bottom of the isesteroids pages on powertheshell.com)? This would help me a lot in managing these issues.

  • Zdzislaw “Stisse” Twardy

    Hi Tobias

    Please make changes in the GUI (if it is possible)
    1. The row number should use the same font size as script text use (or where I can change it)
    2. It is possible to add the possibility to choose if I will print script with row number or without it


    • Ok, we can add an option for font size. Currently, you can print scripts without line numbers only.
      I’d love you to add both items as separate feedback items into our feedback system (at the bottom of the ISESteroids pages).
      This way, you can track progress, and I won’t forget about them 🙂

  • Greg Steward

    When ever I try to install ISESteroids using start-ISESteroids or import-mocule ISESteroids, I receive an error messagte stating “\Modules\isesteroids\ISESteroids.dll’ or one of its dependencies. Operation
    is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)”

    ANy thoughts?
    Greg Steward

    • Tobias Weltner

      You need to unblock the downloaded ZIP file before you unpack it.
      Please right-click the ZIP file, choose “Properties”, then click “Unblock”.