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External Blogs and Tutorials

Discover what ISESteroids can do for you! Below, you find links to the many blogs written about ISESteroids, organized into Features and Languages.

If you have written about a particular ISESteroids feature not covered here, or not covered in your language, then please submit the link to us so we can publish it.

If your blog is of high quality, it may even qualifiy as “Helping Hand” (see bottom of this site), earning you a free license.

Introduction to ISESteroids:

Code AutoGeneration:

Snippet Manager:

Debugger Support and Script Profiling

Version Control:

Themes Manager:



Renaming Variables
Automatic variable renaming simply by pressing F2.

All instances are selected and can be simultaneously renamed. ISESteroids honors variable scope and changes parameter names when needed. Watch a little video to see this in action

Refactor Menu
Right-click your code, and explore the context menu “Refactor”.

It offers many useful code refactoring tools based on context.

Code Testing
Learn how you can test your PowerShell code against different PowerShell versions and environments, and how to restrict execution to 32bit or run code without profile script.. 
ISESteroids adds new icons to the toolbar that let you set breakpoints and step through code much more easily. It also supports dynamic breakpoints that trigger on variable read, write, or type change.

Community Help: Helping Hand Initiative

Users are starting to help each other, and document selected features found in ISESteroids. You can join our Helping Hand Initiative and receive a free complimentary NFR license, or you can enjoy what others have put together to get you started with ISESteroids.


Community Feedback

Check out what users share about ISESteroids, and how they use it:

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