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Download & Install ISESteroids

Here, you find download information and instructions on how to install ISESteroids on your computer. Should you experience difficulties, use the support section at the bottom of this page to get help.

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Find Out Your PowerShell Version

Before you start, take a second and find out your PowerShell version. If you have PowerShell 5 already, there is an especially useful and easy way of installing: PSGet! You don’t want to miss that.

So to find out the PowerShell version you are using, run this:


Next, choose your preferred installation method. They all are really easy and take less than 5 minutes.

Download ISESteroids as ZIP file, and extract it. Please note that Google Chrome occasionally reports an “unusual download”. It is true that it is unusual, but not harmful. 

25.9 MiB

Should your AntiVirus-Engine choke on the fact that ISESteroids ships with the freeware tool psexec.exe from Microsoft (which it uses to run scripts in the SYSTEM context to emulate and debug scheduled scripts), then download the version without psexec.exe here:

25.7 MiB

In case you want to add psexec.exe back to this download, place it into the subfolder 3rdparty/psexec/psexec.exe.


Double-click the file install.bat inside the extracted ZIP to install ISESteroids. Or, look into the file install.ps1 to review the installation steps, and install ISESteroids manually.

This will install ISESteroids, or update an existing copy of ISESteroids (provided it was installed into your user profile).

ISESteroids has just one single requirement: PowerShell version 3 or better. If you are still on PowerShell version 2, you cannot use ISESteroids.

Simply execute this command to download and install ISESteroids:

Install-Module ISESteroids -Scope CurrentUser


To update an installed version, use this instead, and make sure ISESteroids is not running while you update:

Update-Module ISESteroids -Force

Depending on where you originally installed ISESteroids, you may need Administrator privileges for the update.

  • If you have installed ISESteroids accidentally with Install-Package rather than Install-Module, you can clean up by manually deleting the ISESteroids folder. Always make sure you use Install-Module, not Install-Package.
  • If for any reason PSGet is unable to install the module, simply use the alternate installation method, and manually download the ZIP

Launching ISESteroids

When you launch the ISE editor, even with ISESteroids in place, nothing spectacular will happen at first.

The magic transformation starts once you load ISESteroids into the ISE editor:


To automatically load ISESteroids each time you launch the ISE editor, place this command into your profile script (create a file with the path found in $profile, and add the command to this file).

Troubleshooting ISESteroids Start Issues

If ISESteroids won’t start right, make sure you review the list below or look at this write-up of the 5 things you may want to consider when you launch ISESteroids.

  • Make sure ISESteroids is copied to a local folder. If your home folder is a roaming folder and really lives in the network, so does ISESteroids. Security settings do not allow loading binaries across the network, so ISESteroids cannot start. You can always copy ISESteroids to any local folder, then use Import-Module and specify the path to that folder, to load it from anywhere, even from a USB stick.
  • Make sure you load ISESteroids from a fresh ISE. Load it before you set preferences such as $VerbosePreference. Do your adjustments – if any – after you loaded ISESteroids. ISESteroids needs an untampered ISE to load itself.
  • If ISESteroids still won’t launch, make sure you UNBLOCKED THE ZIP BEFORE YOU UNPACKED IT! Windows will automatically mark all downloaded files as non-executable. So unless you unblocked the file (see instructions above) before you unpacked it, Windows will not allow it to run.
  • ISESteroids and all scripts associated with it are digitally signed by Dr. Tobias Weltner. So if in doubt, make sure you check the signature. It will let you easily make sure that you have an original and untampered version to play with. Safety first.
  • Make sure you load ISESteroids from inside the ISE editor. It will not run inside powershell.exe, the console, because there is nothing to pimp in the console. You can always launch ISE from the console by entering the command “ise”.
  • Make sure you are using PowerShell 3 or better. ISESteroids will not work in PowerShell 2 because PowerShell 2 ships with a completely different ISE editor that is poisoning to ISESteroids. To find out the PowerShell version you got, try $PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major.

Deployment Considerations and Recommended Install Locations

To learn more about recommended installation locations, deployment options, and autostarting ISESteroids, click here.



Support and Feedback

ISESteroids is a trademark of Dr. Tobias Weltner