Advanced Search

AdvancedSearch is a new Addon introduced in ISESteroids It helps you quickly find files based on name or content, across multiple locations.

See AdvancedSearch in action (sorry for the intro music, I accidentally deleted the fade-out):

Thanks go to Kamil Kosek who developed the original Addon. We just enhanced it a bit to provide real-time results.

What’s Cool About AdvancedSearch?

Whenever you need to find a script that is “somewhere” on your drive, AdvancedSearch finds it for you. Open Advanced Search Options to search for file names or content, use regular expressions, or even filter based on PowerShell token types.

Double-click the results to see individual hits, or right-click a result file to open Windows Explorer and select it.

In the combo box you select your search location and mode. To set a custom search root, simply use Set-Location inside the ISE PowerShell, and set your current folder to whatever root you want. Then choose “Current Folder” in the combo box.