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Switching Between Editors

To quickly switch between open editors, by default the ISE editor uses CTRL+TAB. This keyboard shortcut is redefined in ISESteroids and adds real TAB characters into your script instead.

To switch the current editor, ISESteroids adds two enhanced alternatives:

  • Use keyboard shortcut: Press CTRL+PageDown or CTRL+PageUp to switch to the next or previous editor. This works across multiple PowerShell tabs.
  • Use EditorSwitch and control it with your mouse wheel


When there are multiple editors open in ISE, it is not always trivial to find the right script. Switching through many open editors using keyboard shortcuts therefore is only the second best option.

Using EditorSwitch

With EditorSwitch, to navigate to another editor pane, simply hold your right mouse button, then move your mouse wheel. This brings up a preview pane that gives you a visual clue of a particular editor content. The preview window organizes large editor content in multiple columns to give you an even better impression of editor content.

Move the mouse wheel backwards and forwards to navigate to the right script pane, then release the right mouse button.

Once you release the right mouse button, the selected editor is brought into view.

EditorSwitch works across multiple PowerShell tabs. The currently selected PowerShell tab name is shown in the top right corner of the preview window.