HelpCache is a feature introduced in ISESteroids It makes sure you can use PowerShell help files and documentation – no matter what.

What’s Cool About HelpCache?

By default, you require Administrator privileges to install most help files because they reside in protected locations. ISESteroids won’t change that but provides alternate locations. So if you have no Administrator privileges – or if you do not want to “touch” a system and change it – you can download help files directly to one of the HelpCache locations.

Note: PowerShell 5 can take long time searching for help. If you do not specify the exact command name you are looking for, then PowerShell5 searches all content found in any of the folders listed in $env:PSModulePath. So the search takes longer the more modules and content you have. This delay is related to PowerShell 5, not ISESteroids nor HelpCache. However, since the ISESteroids module contains a lot of data, its mere presence will slow down wildcard search – the same is true for any other module with lots of data. We’ll keep you informed if this is changed in a future PowerShell update.