Keyboard Shortcuts

HereĀ is a list of keyboard shortcut assignments in ISESteroids. You can display keyboard shortcuts always by pressing F6.

Command Shortcut Origin
Undo Alt+Back ISE
Automatically Align Braces with full recalculation Alt+Control+I ISESteroids
Updates #requires statement Alt+Control+R ISESteroids
Moves Current Line Down Alt+Down ISESteroids
Open Help Center Alt+F1 ISESteroids
Exit Alt+F4 ISE
Automatically Align Braces Alt+I ISESteroids
Toggles current outlining region Alt+Left ISESteroids
Toggle navigation bar Alt+N ISESteroids
Toggles current outlining region. Alt+Right ISESteroids
Redo Alt+Shift+Back ISE
Show Horizontal Add-on Tools Pane Alt+Shift+H ISE
Show Vertical Add-on Tools Pane Alt+Shift+V ISE
Moves Current Line Up Alt+Up ISESteroids
Select All Control+A ISE
Zoom In Control+Add ISE
Break All Control+B ISE
Copy Control+C ISE
Stop Operation Control+Cancel ISE
Go To Console Control+D ISE
Show Script Pane Top Control+D1 ISESteroids
Show Script Pane Right Control+D2 ISESteroids
Show Script Pane Maximized Control+D3 ISESteroids
Show Script Pane Maximized Control+D4 ISESteroids
Extends Selection To One Side Only Control+E ISESteroids
Find in Script… Control+F ISESteroids
Show Command Window Control+F1 ISE
Toggles Focus View Control+F3 ISESteroids
Close Control+F4 ISE
Execute in Console Control+F5 ISESteroids
Toggles bookmark for current position Control+F7 ISESteroids
Moves to start of scriptblock Control+ArrowUp ISESteroids
Moves to end of scriptblock Control+ArrowDown ISESteroids
Go To Line… Control+G ISE
Replace in Script… Control+H ISE
Go to Script Pane Control+I ISE
Copy Control+Insert ISE
Start Snippets Control+J ISESteroids
Toggle External Console Control+K ISESteroids
Clears Console Output Window Control+L ISESteroids
Toggle Outlining (Regions) Expansion Control+M ISE
New Control+N ISE
Switches to next editor pane Control+Next ISESteroids
Open… Control+O ISE
Go to Match Control+Oem6 ISE
Zoom Out Control+OemMinus ISE
Zoom In Control+OemPlus ISE
Print current script Control+P ISESteroids
Switches to previous editor pane Control+PageUp ISESteroids
Select Based On Context Control+Q ISESteroids
Show Script Pane Control+R ISE
Save Control+S ISE
Zoom In Control+Shift+Add ISE
Toggle Block Comment Control+Shift+B ISESteroids
Duplicate Selection Control+Shift+C ISESteroids
Display Call Stack Control+Shift+D ISE
Extends Selection To One Side Only Control+Shift+E ISESteroids
Remove All Breakpoints Control+Shift+F9 ISE
Hide Selected Horizontal Add-on Tool Control+Shift+H ISE
Copy Current Line From Console Control+Shift+I ISESteroids
List Breakpoints Control+Shift+L ISE
Zoom Out Control+Shift+OemMinus ISE
Zoom In Control+Shift+OemPlus ISE
Start PowerShell.exe Control+Shift+P ISE
Select Based On Context Control+Shift+Q ISESteroids
New Remote PowerShell Tab… Control+Shift+R ISE
Saves all unsaved files. Will not save untitled documents. Control+Shift+S ISESteroids
Zoom Out Control+Shift+Subtract ISE
Hide Selected Vertical Add-on Tool Control+Shift+V ISE
Start Intellisense Control+Space ISE
Zoom Out Control+Subtract ISE
New PowerShell Tab Control+T ISE
Paste Control+V ISE
Close PowerShell Tab Control+W ISE
Cut Control+X ISE
Redo Control+Y ISE
Undo Control+Z ISE
Windows PowerShell ISE Help F1 ISESteroids
Step Over F10 ISE
Step Into F11 ISE
Toggle Distraction Free View Mode F12 ISESteroids
Rename F2 ISESteroids
Find Next in Script F3 ISESteroids
Snippet Shortcuts F4 ISESteroids
Run F5 ISESteroids
Command Shortcuts F6 ISESteroids
Moves to next bookmark F7 ISESteroids
Run Selection F8 ISESteroids
Toggle Breakpoint F9 ISE
Cut Shift+Delete ISE
Step Out Shift+F11 ISE
Find Previous in Script Shift+F3 ISESteroids
Stop Debugger Shift+F5 ISE
Moves to next bookmark Shift+F7 ISESteroids
Paste Shift+Insert ISE