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RealTime Search (and Replace)

Realtime Search&Replace replaces the default “Find” dialog and provides sophisticated real-time search and replace operations.

The realtime search feature is located inside the Navigation Bar and shares this space with the Function Navigator. Therefore, to use realtime search, the Function Navigator needs to be visible. If you have hidden the Function Navigator, the ISEEditor falls back to the default “Find” dialog.

Performing a RealTime Search

To search for something inside your script, click the RealTime search box, and enter your search text.

While you type, all instances of the search word are marked inside the editor. The number of found matches is displayed in the status bar. The RealTime Search box displays a green margin when there are matches, else the margin shows a red color.

RealTime Search

You can also double-click a word in your code to select it, then press CTRL+F, to automatically mark all instances of it.

Navigating to Next/Previous Match

To navigate to the next match, press ENTER. To navigate to the previous match, press SHIFT+ENTER. Both keyboard shortcuts assume that the focus is inside the RealTime search box.

Finding Whole Word / Using Regular Expressions

By default, RealTime Search performs a simple pattern search and finds the search text anywhere.

To refine your search, click the settings button on the right side of the RealTime Search box. Choose “Whole Word” or “Regular Expression”:

  • Whole Word: searching only for words. The search term is not found inside of words.
  • Regular Expression: search term is treated as RegularExpression. Specify a valid regular expression. All matches are marked.

Clearing RealTime Search

To clear the search ┬áterm, simply press ESC, or click the little “x” icon inside the RealTime Search box.

Replacing Matches

In ISESteroids Enterprise, you can easily replace all matches. Click a match inside the editor, then press F2. All matches are selected, and when you enter text, the content of all matches is changed.

MultiInput is not available in ISESteroids Professional. Here, to replace text, use the default “Replace in Text” dialog found in the menu “Edit” (or press CTRL+H).