ScriptBlock Beaming

ScriptBlockBeaming quickly navigates to the beginning or end of a scriptblock or function.


Large ScriptBlocks: Stay Organized

With scriptblocks that are nested, or span multiple lines or even pages, it is not always easy to stay organized and know where a scriptblock ends and another one starts.

With ISESteroids’ ASTVisualizer enabled, once you click the opening or closing curly brace of a scriptblock, you get a thin line, telling you exactly the scope of the selected scriptblock.

Select ScriptBlock

As long as you do not change caret position, the thin marker line will stay put, so you now can easily scroll your document, and clearly see where the particular selected scriptblock ends. No more guessing in multi-page scriptblocks.

To quickly navigate to the top or bottom of a scriptblock, use ScriptBlockBeaming.

Navigating to Top of Function

Assume you are in the middle of a large PowerShell function, and you would like to quickly navigate to the start of this function.

With ScriptBlockBeaming, simply press CTRL+ArrowUp. This takes you to the start of the current scriptblock. Press it again to move on to the next parent, until you have reached the top of the function.

Navigating To End of If-Clause

Assume you are working on an If-Clause, and you would like to add an Else-Clause at its end. To quickly move to the end of your If-Clause, press CTRL+ArrowDown. This takes you to the end of the current scriptblock. Press it again to move on to the end of the next scriptblock.