ScriptMap shows a fully functional miniature view of your current script. It is designed for very large scripts that span multiple pages and helps to find script positions, and keep an eye on the overall script design.

Using ScriptMap

Enabling ScriptMap

To enable ScriptMap, click the ScriptMap button on the secondary toolbar. This is a toggle button, and you can use it also to hide the ScriptMap again.

Enable ScriptMap

NOTE: ScriptMap is a feature of ISESteroids Enterprise. To test-drive this feature during trial, make sure you choose the menu item “Level/Enable All Features”.

The ScriptMap is a global feature and always applies to the currently selected editor. When you switch editors, the ScriptMap automatically updates its content.

Using ScriptMap

The ScriptMap slides in at the right side of the editor and displays a miniature preview of the current script.

To adjust the width, bring the caret on the left ScriptMap border, then drag the ScriptMap.

Adjust Width

When you hover over the ScriptMap, a magnifying window magnifies the portion of the ScriptMap.

A green rectangle marks the current position of your script relative to the ScriptMap. When you scroll your code, you will see this rectangle move.

With SplitView enabled, the ScriptMap also shows a light blue rectangle. It marks the upper part of the SplitView relative to the ScriptMap.

ScriptMap with SplitView

Setting Position and Selecting Text

The ScriptMap is actually a fully-functional editor, however it is placed in readonly mode.

You can click inside the ScriptMap to set a new position. Your editor automatically moves to that position.

You can also select text inside the ScriptMap. The selection is also set in your current editor.