Test Arguments

Beginning with ISESteroids, it’s now easy and convenient to submit test arguments to your scripts. Simply right-click the green “Play” button to see the new options – or watch this video:

What’s Cool About Test Arguments?

Once you define test arguments, ISESteroids submits them to your script. This makes testing arguments and parameters a snap. Just make sure the script really is a script. If it is still “Untitled”, then it is no script, and cannot receive arguments.

The arguments you define are per script, so you can define different arguments for different scripts. They last until you delete them, close the script, or close ISE. They are for testing only, not designed to persist.

The test arguments are also applied to the test script functionality (the button with the powershell logo and green triangle). Click it to run your current script in a fresh real PowerShell console, or right-click it to choose test environments – such as different PowerShell versions, or different users.