Vertical Guidelines

Beginning with ISESteroids version 2.3, there is support for vertical guidelines. Vertical guidelines stretch across the entire height of your script display and help align text, limit lines to a maximum length, and get organized across multi page scripts.

Watch a quick video or read the walk-through below:

Vertical Guidelines Overview

Vertical Guide Types

There are three types of vertical guide lines you can choose to display:

  • Temporary Guidelines: press SHIFT+CTRL+G to show a temporary vertical guideline at the current caret position. Temporary guidelines are per script. They remain visible until you toggle them, set a new temporary guideline at a different column position, or close the script.
  • Temporary guidelines are useful to keep an eye on a given column across a large script, for example.
  • Permanent Guidelines: they can be set to any column position you want and are valid for all open scripts. The most common use case is to set a permanent guide line to get reminded when code lines are getting too long to be readable.
  • Indentation Guidelines: they visualize the current indentation settings. When you change indentation settings, i.e. the indentation size, these guidelines automatically realign, too.

Managing Vertical Guidelines

Temporary Guidelines can be managed by a keyboard shortcut: use SHIFT+CTRL+G to toggle them. The other vertical guidelines have no specific keyboard shortcut. You manage them by clicking the vertical guideline toolbar button:

Manage Vertical Guidelines

When you click or right-click this button, a context menu opens and gives you a number of choices:

Manage vertical guidelines with this menu

  • Temporary Guide: this toggles the temporary guideline. If the caret is on a column with a temporary guideline, this option is checked, and when you click it, the guideline is removed. If the caret is on a column with no temporary guideline, a new temporary guideline is added, and a previously existing guideline is removed. There can only be one temporary guideline at a time.
  • Global Guide: this opens a dialog where you can enter the column position at which you would like to display a permanent guideline. Leave the input box blank, or click “Cancel”, to remove a permanent guideline. Note that permanent guidelines are global and affect all open editors. They also persist, so when you restart ISESteroids, the global guideline is still there.
  • Indentation Guides: when checked, all indentation steps are visualized by a vertical guide. You can click “Indentation Settings” to change the indentation size and type.
  • Turn Off All Guides: this option is available whenever any type of vertical guide is visible, and disables them all. It is a quick way for you to remove all vertical guides at once.