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Free License Program: Helping-Hand

We hear you, and while it makes tons of sense for companies and professionals to invest in ISESteroids licenses, this may not so for passionate hobbyist or private individuals.

For professionals, ISESteroids will pay for itself in no time. However, if you don’t make a living with PowerShell, or are a student, it’s money out of your private pocket. And we understand that this may be too much to ask.

What we really need is not necessarily money, but  resources to keep this project healthy and moving forward. Money is just one way of supporting us. So whether you are a busy professional giving back in license revenues, or whether you offer us a helping hand, makes really no difference to us.

To enable any PowerSheller to benefit from one of the best industrial-strength development systems, we started the “Helping-Hand” initiative.

Requirements to Qualify

We offer you a free NFR (not for resale) personal ISESteroids 2.0 Enterprise license in exchange for 3-5 hours of your work, helping us in making ISESteroids better known, and better documented.

We want this to be a fun experience for you and us. So before you start, please carefully read the requirements to qualify:

Do it with Passion
Write a blog post because you like ISESteroids, and would like to help us and others. Please do not join this initiative just to get a free license.
Do Your Own
Do your own stuff, your way. Do not copy content from others, and do not just link to material created by others.

Invest 3-5 hrs
A Professional who buys a license gives back roughly 3-5 hours of his or her time, in money. So if you would like to invest work instead, a good guideline is to invest the same 3-5 hours in creating this blog post.
2+ Screenshots
Include screenshots (at least 2), and make this special, i.e. detailed walk-though illustrating how to use some of the many ISESteroids features. We are not looking for simple blog posts taking 10 or 20 minutes to write and not delivering anything new.

If you’re still with us, blog as outlined above, then send us the URL to [email protected] We’ll then reach out to you and if you met the requirements above, will promptly send you a free personal ISESteroids 2.0 Enterprise license.

Links to qualifying blog posts are published here. Take a look what others did to get a better picture of what we are looking for. And as you see, blogging about selected ISESteroids features will not only get you a free NFR license, but also gets you attention, full credit, and traffic to your blog.

View blog posts that already qualified.

If you have other creative ideas how you could help us market ISESteroids, please contact me. I am curious and excited, and welcome any thought you share. Areas we could need a little helping hand with include graphics & web design, for example.

Looking forward hearing from you!



Please note: We reserve the right to stop this initiative at any time. While the initiative is active (while you can read this), any blog post that meets the requirements and is reported to us will receive a free license.


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