Request a Quote

To have a quote for licenses sent directly to your email address, simply follow the steps outlined below. All quotes remain valid for 14 days.

Select the licenses you need a quote for

To request a quote, visit our online store. The link will open the online store in a separate window, so you can follow with the steps outlined below.

In the online store, select the product and number of users you need a quote for:

Select License

Just follow the 4 steps outlined in the screenshot. The payment method you choose does not really matter since you are requesting a quote only. Just make sure you pick one that does not require entering additional details.

Request the quote

On the second page, quickly review your personal data.
Then follow these two steps:

Request Quote

Enter a personal password, and check the option “E-mail me the user ID and password”. This way, you can later quickly log in and review the status of your quote, or place an order based on your quote. Then click the link “Save as quote only”.

A quote will now be sent to your email address. You should receive it shortly.

If you do not receive the quote, please contact us at [email protected], and we will immediately review the issue.