VAT (Value Added Tax)

License prices may be subject to VAT (Value Added Tax, “Sales Tax”), depending on where you are located (new EU legislature applies, introduced January 1, 2015).

Because of this, it is not possible to show the gross (total) price on our license comparison sheet. We show the net license prices and indicate that VAT may apply.

Once you click the “Buy” button, you are redirected to the online shopping platform operated by MyCommerce. This platform will take your personal details and address, and¬†determine whether you are subject to VAT, and what your VAT rate is.

The site will then display the gross (total) license cost, and you have the chance to accept or reject (cancel) the ordering process.

Who is subject to VAT?

If you are a customer based in the EU, your order is subject to VAT at the rate applicable in your EU Member State (new legislature introduced January, 1, 2015). As a business customer, you can reclaim VAT or apply for VAT exempt by adding your EU VAT ID to your order.

Who is not subject to VAT?

If you are a customer based outside the EU, no VAT applies.