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ISESteroids released

We release version today rather than at TechEd Barcelona, next week. This way, anyone interested can download and test-drive this version, and we can talk about it at TechEd (if you are there).

25.9 MiB

The new version has a number of fixes as well as two exciting new features (that are going to be documented a little later):

  • CloneView: right-click empty space in an editor, and choose “Open CloneView”, to open this particular script in another window. This way, you can place it on another display or compare it against another script.
  • Risk Management: in the status bar, there is a new icon. It displays a console when the console is focused (and will then copy the last console command into your editor), and it displays a risk assessment when the editor is focused. A “green” icon indicates no apparent risk, and a yellow or red icon suggests that you review the code. To do that, click the icon, and choose “Show Risks”. This will walk you through risky code, and you can decide whether to dismiss the risk for now, or place it on your whitelist to ignore it in the future. Once done, you get the chance to approve the script or permanently sign it with a digital signature.

Here is a quick walkthrough illustrating the new Risk Management feature.