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ISESteroids 2.0 Preview Expired

Today is Dec 1, 2014. And today we received a number of reports that ISESteroids had stopped working.

Here are some details to help you.

ISESteroids Won’t Expire – Previews Will!

Official ISESteroids releases will never expire. However, preview versions do have an expiration date. It is not hidden. Whenever you launch ISESteroids Preview using Start-Steroids, the expiration date is clearly mentioned.

Anyone who was caught by surprise today, is using a very old and outdated Preview version. While it is great to hear that apparently, even this early version of ISESteroids 2.0 works well for you, it is strongly recommended – and now even enforced by the expiration date – that you upgrade to the current version.

Licenses Never Expire

If you have a paid license, rest assured your license will not expire, nor do you need a license upgrade. Simply make sure your ISESteroids Preview is half-way  up-to-date. And again, once ISESteroids 2.0 final is available, it will not have any expiration date.

Get Current Preview Version

You can always download the current ISESteroids Preview version here:


Please note that the current version is, released Oct 24, and will itself expire Dec 10. So if you just now switched to this version, we are sorry for the inconvenience: you would have to update again Dec 10.

Release Candidate Heading Its Way

Within the next 10 days, we will be publishing the ISESteroids 2.0 Release Candidate (RC). It will run until March 1, 2015, and by then the final 2.0 version will long be available.

ISESteroids RC will come with a lot of additional goodies you asked for, for example a fully themable UI, and a script profiler that tells you exactly which parts of your script run slow. Stay tuned!