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Please make sure you have downloaded and installed ISESteroids before you continue to explore its features below!

Essential Editor Settings - Secondary Toolbar
ISESteroids adds many advanced customization settings that can be found on a new secondary toolbar. With it, you can change the indentation width and type, display whitespace, or break lines, and much more. Go over the features of the secondary toolbar
Code Refactoring
Code Refactoring helps you quickly generate code. ISESteroids can convert syntax definitions into function code, insert selected code into predefined code structures, and the built-in “PSSharper” performs a real-time analysis: code issues are reported, and you get a selection of predefined refactorings to improve your code. Even error handers can be created automatically when runtime errors occur. Learn more about PSSharper and code refactoring.
Advanced Search&Replace
You need to rename a variable or parameter? You are looking for a command? ISESteroids advanced search&replace tools are not just easy to use but also add an extra layer of safety and efficiency. ISESteroids supports fast real-time search, and offers text-based, token-based or even semantic-based replace. It supports wildcards and regular expressions. Test-drive Advanced Search & Replace.
Ensuring Code Compatibility
There are many different PowerShell versions out there, even PowerShell on Linux is available now. To make sure your code runs well on the intended targets, ISESteroids can highlight commands, parameters, and language elements that may not be compatible with the intended target version(s), so you discover limitations while you code. ISESteroids automatically inserts #requires statements and can generate a compatibility report. Discover Compatibility Features.
Creating Modern User Interfaces
Sometimes a script is not enough, and you would want to have a slick user interface. ISESteroids comes with tools that makes creating great-looking WPF user interfaces a snap. Unlike old forms-based user interfaces, WPF looks great even on high-resolution displays, and produces a lot less code. You can even turn your script into an executable and just show the user interface, and hide the PowerShell console. Get started with creating slick user interfaces
Security and Protection
When a script is ready to be shipped to a customer or internal IT, you might want to protect your intellectual property, make sure the script content is not tampered with, or turn a PowerShell script into an exe application for easier deployment. Discover ISESteroids built-in security and protection features.
Community Tools
With ISESteroids, you can keep an eye on twitter posts about PowerShell. A twitter bar displays all the recent posts and help you keep up to date what is happening. If you maintain an own blog and share knowledge, ISESteroids can easily produce HTML from selected editor code or console output. This way, you can quickly insert high quality and high fidelity code samples and outputs into your blog or website. Learn more about community tools.