Download & Setup

ISESteroids is a PowerShell module, so it does not require Administrator privileges. It just takes a couple of minutes to have it up and running. And it’s a clean copy&paste installation. You can completely remove ISESteroids just as easily.

Download and Install

The recommended way to download and install ISESteroids is to use PowerShellGet, the official Windows PowerShell package and module management system.

Install-Module (recommended)

Use Install-Module to download and install the latest version of ISESteroids from the Microsoft PowerShell Gallery:

Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

PS C:\Users\tobwe> Install-⁠Module -⁠Name isesteroids -⁠Scope CurrentUser

Untrusted repository
You are installing the modules from an untrusted repository. If you trust this repository, change its
InstallationPolicy value by running the Set-⁠PSRepository cmdlet. Are you sure you want to install the modules from
[Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [S] Suspend  [?] Help (default is "N"): y

PS C:\Users\tobwe> Get-⁠Module -⁠Name isesteroids -⁠ListAvailable

    Directory: C:\Users\tobwe\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

ModuleType Version  Name        ExportedCommands
---------- -------  ----        ----------------
Binary  ISESteroids {Get-⁠PSSharperData, Add-⁠SteroidsContextMenuCommand, Add-⁠SteroidsEditorTabCommand, Ad...

PS C:\Users\tobwe>
  • You are downloading from a public repository, so there is a prompt asking you to consent. Press “Y”. When you use Install-Module for the first time, it asks to download nuget.exe, the open source package management engine used.
  • If the cmdlet Install-Module is not available for you, install PowerShellGet first.
  • If you want to install ISESteroids for all users, remove the parameter -Scope CurrentUser. You will now need Administrator privileges to install.
  • If you have installed ISESteroids manually before, Install-Module emits an error, asking to add the parameter -Force. Only then can a manually installed module be overwritten.

Download ZIP and Install Manually

If you can’t use PowerShellGet, or are offline, you can download the latest version of ISESteroids as ZIP file:

25.9 MiB

After downloading, unpack the ZIP file and run install.bat (double-click the file). It copies the module folder to your personal PowerShell module location.

To quickly double-check the binaries for malware, we recommend you visit and enter the download URL On the analysis result page, you first see the results for this website. Click the link to view the scan results for the download package.

Note that the default ISESteroids installation includes Microsoft’s psexec.exe tool which may be flagged by some antivirus engines.

Special Versions

ISESteroids ships with a number of freeware tools including Microsofts psexec.exe. This tool is used by ISESteroids to offer you the ability to run PowerShell scripts in System context, for example, to simulate scripts in the context of scheduled tasks. Some antivirus engines do not allow to download this tool.

If you are affected by this limitation, you can download a package that does not include psexec.exe. Feel free to double-check the binaries for malware: visit and enter the download URL: On the analysis result page, you first see the results for this website. Click the link to view the scan results for the download package.

25.7 MiB

Launching ISESteroids

ISESteroids is an extension for the built-in ISE Editor that ships with PowerShell 3 or better. So you cannot load the module into the PowerShell Console. Instead, launch the ISE Editor (for example via the command “ise”). Use the command Start-Steroids to run ISESteroids.

Starting ISESteroids

If ISESteroids was installed correctly, ISEs IntelliSense menu should pick it up and suggest the command Start-Steroids when you start to type it. If you cannot start ISESteroids, or if Start-Steroids cannot be found, see the troubleshooting section at the end.

While ISESteroids loads, the screen blurs for a quick moment. This is necessary for ISESteroids to be able to append the user interface. It welcomes you with your username.


To change the welcome name, run this:

PS C:\> "PoshGod" Set-⁠Content -⁠Path $env:appdata\isesteroids\username.txt

To turn off the blur screen, uncheck menu Features / Show ISESteroids Welcome Screen.


The scope of ISESteroids is well beyond what can be done in spare time. License fees fund this project. License cost is roughly the equivalent of 5-10 paid hours of an IT professional, and will pay for itself within days or weeks. There are discounted licenses for private use and non-profits. You pay for your license to contribute to this project, then enjoy all subsequent updates to the SKU you purchased completely free of charge.

I cannot fathom the number of hours ISESteroids has saved me personally and professionally and I cannot comprehend the code consistency and quality increase that using it has given me. Additionally, I’ve contacted you a few times on bugs / issues, and you’ve always responded quickly, and resolved quickly. I know that you occasionally get complaints on the cost of ISESteroids, but, in all honesty, I consider it be quite inexpensive for what it’s given me!

Craig McFarland

Fair Licensing Model

  • Each license is per user
  • Each license can be used on up to 3 machines simultaneously (i.e. in the office, on a server, and at home)
  • You can always remove a license from a machine and use it on another one
  • Licenses never get lost: if a machine crashes before a license could be freed, it will free automatically after 15 days of inactivity
  • No maintenance cost or hidden fees, you have access to all updates and all future updates for the SKU you purchased
  • Teams can combine their slots in one license file: one file for the entire team
  • Teams can add more users to their existing license files at any time
  • Licensing works hassle free in online and offline scenarios
  • Greatly discounted licenses for private use, natural persons, educational and non-profit organizations
  • Free license programs available for students, trainers, MVPs

What we ask for is that you give back a little to let us continue.

Adding License

ISESteroids runs free for a trial period of 10 testing days. When trial expires, ISESteroids displays a notification.

License expired

Click “Get License” to get a license. To apply the license file, do either of this:

  • Drag the license file onto the blue notification bar
  • Place the license file into the folder $env:appdata\ISESteroids\License
  • Place the license file into the subfolder “License” inside the ISESteroids module (for deployment scenarios)
  • Run Show-SteroidsLicense and click “Add License” (this will work only when ISESteroids is still running in trial mode)

Use the dialog opened by Show-SteroidsLicense to review your current license settings, remove a license from a computer, or add a new license file.


All updates are free for licensed users. There are frequent updates to ISESteroids because we are constantly working to add your suggestions, and optimize existing functionality. To check for updates, run Update-Module:

PS C:\> Update-⁠Module -⁠Name isesteroids

PS C:\>
  • Update-Module works only if you have used Install-Module to install ISESteroids in the first place. If you have installed ISESteroids manually, it is recommended that you install it again using Install-Module -Name isesteroids -Scope CurrentUser -Force.
  • If you cannot use Update-Module, manually download the latest version as ZIP file from this site, unpack, and run install.bat again to overwrite your existing version.
  • You can automate the update check by adding the Update-Module command to your profile script.
  • Use Get-SteroidsVersion to find out the currently loaded version of ISESteroids.

Note that the trial warning only appears when you actively launch ISESteroids. If you do not launch it, the regular ISE continues to run as usual. When you click “Abort” in the license warning, the regular ISE also continues to run. If you decide not to license, you do not need to do anything. You can however easily remove the ISESteroids module if you want (see next section).


Right after ISESteroids is loaded, it displays a clickable link in the ISE status bar that points to the module path from where ISESteroids was loaded. This way, you always know where ISESteroids was installed.

Link in Statusbar

Simply click the link to navigate to this folder, and delete it if you want to manually completely remove ISESteroids.

If you installed ISESteroids via Install-Module, you can use Uninstall-Module -Name isesteroids to remove it, too.

Once you removed ISESteroids, you may want to make sure there are no left-overs from color settings and other custom configurations in ISE. Just open the menu Tools/Options, and then click “Manage Themes”. Choose one of the default ISE themes to reset all colors and fonts.


If you experience problems downloading, installing, or running ISESteroids, here is a quick FAQ that helps you resolve the issue quickly.