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Launching ISESteroids on Demand

One of the convenient things about ISESteroids is that you can load it on demand, whenever you need it. So you can start with the regular ISE to do basic editing tasks, and once you are hungry for more, load ISESteroids by running “Start-Steroids”.

Launching ISESteroids via CTRL+F12

To add a little more convenience, you could place the code below into your profile script (the profile script path can be found in $profile, and you can open it from inside ISESteroids by clicking the button with the little person on your secondary toolbar).

Write-Host 'Press CTRL+F12 to launch ISESteroids'
$psise.CurrentPowerShellTab.AddOnsMenu.Submenus.Add('Launch ISESteroids', 'CTRL+F12', {Start-Steroids})

Now you can press CTRL+F12 to launch ISESteroids any time you need it.

Skipping ISESteroids by holding SHIFT

As an alternative, you could use the code below to automatically load ISESteroids every time you launch ISE, except if you hold down SHIFT while loading ISE:

if ([System.Windows.Input.Keyboard]::IsKeyDown('Shift') -eq $false) 

Or, you can combine both. Then, whenever you run ISE, ISESteroids would autoload – except if you hold SHIFT. If you skipped the load by holding SHIFT, you could then load ISESteroids on demand later by pressing CTRL+F12.