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Launching WinMerge and Kaxaml…

there have been two issues with ISESteroids that bugged me lately, and they both should be fixed with, available now as a beta version. It is perfectly stable yet we always stage new releases this way before updating the production release.

ISESteroids (Prerelease)
ISESteroids (Prerelease)
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Here are details about the two fixes:

WinMerge and Kaxaml would not launch on some installations

When ISESteroids was installed to Program Files¬†or to the modules location inside the Windows folder, portable apps like WinMerge and Kaxaml would fail to launch. This is not exactly surprising because such applications want to write their settings to their install locations, and they can’t write to these locations.

So now ISESteroids detects whether it is installed in either one of these protected locations, and if so, copies the applications to a temporary locations, and launches them from there. This works perfectly well for multi user installations of ISESteroids now.

Too Many Activations?

Occasionally, when you applied your license to a new installation of ISESteroids, it would complain that you used your license too often. While this certainly could be the case, in some instances the error message was plain wrong. Fixed now.