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Launching PowerShell With Keystroke

“Real men don’t click!’ – most of the things you can do with the mouse can be done with PowerShell as well. So let’s take a look at how you can fire up your PowerShell console window real quick. Or the ISE editor, for that matter.

Use Taskbar

The best way is to use the taskbar keyboard shortcuts because the setup for this is straight-forward, and it works from Vista on upwards (Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2012, etc.).

  1. Launch the PowerShell console. The PowerShell console icon appears in your taskbar.
  2. Right-click the PowerShell console icon in your taskbar, and in the context menu, choose “Pin this program to taskbar”.
  3. Close the PowerShell console window again. Its icon will remain put in your taskbar, so you can now easily click it to launch PowerShell.
  4. Move the icon in the taskbar to the left end by dragging the icon left.

That’s it. To launch a new PowerShell window, press WIN+1. You can use other numbers as well. They will launch the second, third, and so on, pinned icon in the taskbar.

Run As Administrator

If you need a PowerShell console with full Administrator privileges, the trick works, too. Simply hold CTRL+SHIFT, then while still holding them, press WIN+1.

Run ISE Editor

Basically, this trick works with any program that is pinned to your taskbar. So if you want to launch the ISE editor in the same way, follow the steps above, and pin the ISE editor to your taskbar, too. Then move its icon inside the taskbar to the left and place it in second position. Now the ISE editor can be started by pressing WIN+2.

Run Multiple Instances

As a courtesy, the keyboard trick makes sure you run only one instance. If you already launched a PowerShell console, then the keyboard shortcut will either minimize the window or bring it to front.

If you do need a second instance (a second window), simply hold SHIFT while you press WIN+1. Tada!

Esoteric Windows 8 Tricks

In Windows 8 and above, you can right-click an empty space in your taskbar, then choose “Properties”. ¬†Click the “Navigation” tab. Then, tick the third option: “Replace command prompt with PowerShell”.

This will place PowerShell into the mini navigation menu that pops up when you press WIN+X. Once it is open, you can then press either “I” (to launch a PowerShell console) or “A” (to run it will full Administrative power).

While you are free to use this trick, too, I believe the WIN+Number trick above is much more convenient and versatile. Not only does it allow you to launch the ISE as well. It also works in all recent versions of Windows, and the keyboard combination is really simple to remember.