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New SnippetManager and New UI Features

ISESteroids is out and ready to test-drive. Either download it from here, or use PowerShellGet and Install-Module or Update-Module to download directly from the PowerShell Gallery.

There have been reports lately from European users that downloading ISESteroids via PowerShellGet failed. This issue is under investigation right now. You can always use the link above to download and install manually.

Let me quickly guide you through the main new features!

Start Message

When you launch ISESteroids, we tried to optimize start times. Also, when you run a licensed copy, there is almost no default text outputted anymore, just a “Licensed”, and the version number.

In the past, there have been issues with multiple different versions of ISESteroids installed side-by-side or in different locations. Also, some asked how to remove ISESteroids. When ISESteroids starts, it now puts a link into the status bar that you can click to get to the module folder where ISESteroids was loaded.

So this makes it super easy to delete outdated versions, or remove ISESteroids if you must.

Enhanced IntelliSelect

Maybe you overlooked this so far, but when you press CTRL+Q multiple times, ISESteroids auto-selects logical parts of your code. This functionality has been improved, so when you are on an assignment statement, and there are other assignments preceeding or following, they now will be selected en bloc.

Selection Icon

IntelliSelect is an important prerequisite for many of the other features as you will see in a second.

Commenting Out and SurroundWith

Whenever there is a selection, a new icon appears in the debugger margin. Click it to see your options (or press ALT+ENTER). From here, you can easily comment out selected code, or surround it with other structures like error handlers or loops. Commenting out now also works with non-block comments (line comments).

In fact, much of what has been in ISESteroids before now surfaces: when you select a syntax definition like the following…

Do-Something [[-Name] <string>] -ID <int> -Force

…and then click the icon, you can turn the selection into a full-blown PowerShell function. Simply choose “Convert Syntax to Function”.  The entire PowerShell code including the param() block will be autogenerated for you.

The menu that you see when you click the icon in the debugger margin is the same that you see when you right-click the selection, and choose “Selection”.

Executing Selections

When you select code and press F8, by default ISE selects the current line and executes it. Sometimes, though, the current line is part of a larger command that spans multiple lines. ISESteroids now detects this and extends the selection to the full command.

New Snippet Manager

The snippet manager has been rewritten from scratch. You can open it via the “View” menu, for example. It is now a central part for organizing, editing, and creating new snippets. There will be a separate and more detailed post about it.


One of the beauties of the new snippet manager is its ability to control multiple sibling input fields. And since the entire “Surround With” functionality is based on snippets (and easily extensible by you), just check out how cool this is:

  1. Type a line of code, or multiple lines, then select the code. Either select manually, or press CTRL+Q until the desired code is selected.
  2. Click the Selection icon in the debugger margin, and choose “Surround With”, then pick “Region”
  3. The selected code is embedded into a collapsible region, and the region name is selected
  4. When you change the region name, the region end tag is simultaneously updated

And here are some more tricks:

After you have selected code, hold CTRL when you click on the selection icon in the debugger margin. When you then choose “Surround With”, the tooltip for each snippet includes the path where the snippet was loaded from.

To edit a snippet, hold CTRL while you click it in the “Surround With” menu. It will be automatically loaded into the Snippet Manager where you can edit the code, the metadata, or the keyboard shortcut.

Little Gems

When you click a filepath in your code, ISESteroids now shows a link in the status bar that lets you easily navigate to the file or folder in Windows Explorer.

Tons of Bug Fixes and CleanUp

Thanks to your great feedback, there have been tons of minor and major bug fixes. Also, many areas of the UI (menus, for example) have been cleaned up. This also affects color themes. They no longer control font settings. All they do is control colors. For font settings, use the font themes.

A complete list can be found here: Version History.