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One step away from ISESteroids 2.0 Final!

We just released with some major enhancements and important bug fixes.

This was probably the last major pre-release.

We are happy to announce that the final version will be available April 22, released at the 3rd German PowerShell Conference in the Philharmony in Essen.

Here are a couple of important messages:

  • If you haven’t got a license yet, the introductory offer is valid until April 21. Until then, purchasing an ISESteroids 1.0 license gets you a license that automatically upgrades to ISESteroids 2.0 Enterprise for free – all features, unlimited updates for ISESteroids 2.0. After April 21, there will be two versions at different pricing.
  • We just posted a comprehensive article about the new snippet system: http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2015/03/14/rapid-powershell-development-with-isesteroids/
  • The new release shows a welcome message and blurs the screen for a couple of seconds. Some may find this interruption of UI distractive. However, it is there for a reason. During this time, ISESteroids performs the UI upgrade. In previous versions, this was done while leaving ISE operational. This led to a couple of cases where users used features in the middle of transform. This in turn could lead to unexpected results. We feel this short interruption is worth the added protection. Rest assured the welcome message is not a cosmetic delay.
  • Please keep sending in suggestions and bug reports. Use the support section at the bottom of all ISESteroids pages.
  • If you start creating your own snippets and/or themes, and would be willing to share, please send them so we can include them in the release.

Now it’s time for weekend. Thank you very much for all of your support, and may the PowerShell always be with you!