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PowerShell Conference EU Quick Update

Just 25 more days until PowerShell Conference EU opens in Hannover again. Time for some last minute information.

Either use the free EventsXD conference app…

This year we are finally using a conference app that is available on all platforms – including Microsoft Phone: eventsXD. Grab your free eventsXD app now, search for “PowerShell”, and connect to PowerShell Conference EU to start building your own personal agenda: http://www.eventsxd.com/download.

In fact, the best implementation of this app is on Windows 10. Add the Windows 10 eventsXD app to your notebook to get a fully navigable agenda view.

…or simply use PowerShell!

And here is another “conference app” that runs on all platforms that we care about: below is a PowerShell one-liner that creates this “app”. It requires PowerShell 3 or better, and Internet connectivity. So here is the conference agenda in Geekish:

(iwr powershell.love -UseB).Content.SubString(1)|ConvertFrom-Json|%{$_}|ogv

This line opens a grid view with the complete agenda, including all sessions, times, rooms, and speakers.

This simple line of code is in fact possibly the best and fastest conference app you can get: simply use the text box on top to search for keywords, topics, or speakers. Try entering “snover” to quickly find all sessions with Jeffrey Snover, for example.

Of course you can use the object data for other things as well: import it into excel, print your own agenda posters, or add your personal sophisticated WPF interface to turn it into a true application. If you do something like this, let us know and contact me at [email protected] The best and most creative or loving scripts can win free licenses for ISESteroids Enterprise!

21 Seats Left – Hurry Up!

We were lucky enough to switch some session rooms for larger ones, so our delegate max is at 300 delegates. Currently, we have 271 delegates signed up. So there are still 29 seats left. Hurry up, you can’t miss this awesome PowerShell extravaganza! Secure your seat today: www.psconf.eu.

Since we have a five-track agenda, even with 300 delegates, there is an average of 60 participants per session – that’s just the perfect size to keep sessions personal yet have the critical mass for good discussions and fun.

This conference has an unparalleled ratio of 1 speaker per every 7 delegates. Which highlights what this conference is about: creativity, personal atmosphere, the chance to connect and discuss, lots of learning points and personal growth, or put differently: three days of quality time among peer PowerShell passionates.

ISESteroids Updates

Organizing this conference has taken considerable time and effort, and since the current release of ISESteroids is stable, you haven’t seen many updates lately. Behind the scenes, a lot of R&D is taking place, and we are working silently on some awesome new features. We are optimistic to be able to show some of this in just a couple of weeks at the conference.

See you soon!