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PowerShell Conference Germany

The first PowerShell community conference ever located in Oberhausen/Germany just ended. It was a blast! Here’s a link to our photo gallery catching the spirit.

Three days, six speakers, 23 presentations and 60 attendees spent a great time in the scenic setting of an Industrial Museum.

There was a great range of topics. Production-oriented presentations talked about managing Azure, Exchange, Sharepoint, Active Directory, HyperV and VMWare.

Lots of presentations dealt with quality code, highlighting PowerShell pipeline intrinsics, performance optimization, multi-threading and new PowerShell 3 features.

Low-level programming included presentations about how to use .NET framework, how to create modules, script and binary, how to use workflows in PowerShell and Visual Studio.

Remoting was also a big thing, and we talked about general concepts, configuring endpoints, and using the new PowerShell 3.0 Features in depth.

And we enjoyed presentations about automating Office, converting batch files, and how to use regular expressions, those nasty but powerful little magic spells.

Last not least, the new ISE 3.0 was covered with presentations on how to extend the ISE, how to create addon-panels, and how to access parser and abstract syntax tree (AST) to create really cool ISE refactoring tools.

Fortunately, the conference had a pre-conf workshop day, so more than 30 attendees used that day to get a warm-up. I am just now sitting in the train heading home, and I am full of impressions, good talks, great ideas and the feeling that next year, our PowerShell community conference will grow again.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Thanks to all the speakers who volunteered their time, the great staff for organizing our evening event and the many rich buffets, and last not least all the community members and PowerShell enthusiasts who participated and gave so much great input.


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