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Conference Materials & Impressions

On this page you find the materials presented at the 3rd German PowerShell Conference, Apr 21-23, 2015. The knowledge wrapped inside of them is free to anyone. and you can freely use that knowledge.

What you cannot do: you cannot use the slides and presentations and reuse them in your own presentations. Presentations are the intellectual property of their respective authors and copyrighted unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please respect IP, and use the presentation decks only to review the conference sessions.

German PowerShell Conference 2015

We add new materials and pictures as they become available. I added only a couple of initial fotos now. They illustrate just a fraction of the show.

To complete the picture: Anyone who has taken fotos at the conference is invited to send them to me (tobias.weltner(AT)email.de). We collect them, then make them available for everyone on this page.

Click on any picture to view or download in full resolution. Beware if you do: All pictures are super-f…-high-res-large.

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PowerShell Conference 2016

If you attended the conference and enjoyed it, please spread the word. We are already starting to plan the 4th German PowerShell Conference 2016 and would love to see you again, and your friends, colleagues, and fellow PowerShellers as well.

Speakers WPK 2015

Digesting Materials, and PowerShellizing Colleagues

Oh, and yes, we do great PowerShell classes! If you’d like to send over some colleagues to let us powershell-enable them, or set up an inhouse class (we do all from beginner to insane-advance level), visit powershell.de. We do trainings all across Europe (German or English language).

Dr Holger Schwichtenberg

Powershell-enabling colleagues

Materials Download

Sessions (Part 1)


This download includes the sessions held by Aleksandar Nikolic (MVP), Bruce Payette (MSFT), Tobias Weltner (MVP), Jeff Wouters (MVP), Bartek Bielawski (MVP), Jeff Wouters (MVP), and Holger Schwichtenberg (MVP).

WPK 2015 Conference Materials Part 1
WPK 2015 Conference Materials Part 1
WPK 2015 Part 1.zip
Version: 1.0
75.5 MiB

Jeff Wouters

Presenting WPK 2015

Sessions (Part 2)

This download includes the sessions held by Holger Voges, Peter Kriegel, Peter Monadjemi, Thorsten Butz, and Uli Boddenberg.

WPK 2015 Conference Materials Part 2
WPK 2015 Conference Materials Part 2
WPK 2015 Part 2.zip
Version: 1.0
69.2 MiB

Presenting at WPK2015

Conference Software Sampler

This download contains conference software mentioned in presentations. ISESteroids is not included. It can be downloaded directly: http://www.powertheshell.com/isesteroids2/download/. This page also explains how you can download and install ISESteroids directly using PowerShell 5.

WPK 2015 Complimentary Software
WPK 2015 Complimentary Software
WPK 2015 Software.zip
18.8 MiB

PowerShell History

Preconference Workshop “PowerShell Advanced”

This download contains the sample scripts created during the preconference workshop “Advanced PowerShell”.

Here are the materials for the Preconference Advanced PowerShell course:

WPK 2015 Advanced Preconf Class
WPK 2015 Advanced Preconf Class
Version: 1.0
16.6 KiB

Preconference Workshop WPK2015Abendprogramm Zeche Zollverein