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psconf.eu 2017 Call for Speakers

psconf.eu 2016 was such a blast, with 45 speakers, 200 delegates, 80 tracks, PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover, and his team!

In 2017, psconf.eu takes places May 3-5 with a preconference day May 2. We are today opening our call for speakers. So if you’d like to speak, read on! Delegate sign up starts around November 1.

Welcome to psconf.eu

We want you!

If you’d like to speak at our conference next year, here is what we are looking for:

  • 45 min sessions about PowerShell
    • really advanced stuff -or-
    • really useful stuff -or-
    • really interesting solutions from the field -or-
    • really*10 funny stuff -or-
    • anything you think would be new and exciting to experienced PowerShellers
  • English or German
  • being available for one “Ask the Expert” slot (around lunch with other speakers, to give delegates the chance to connect to you)

What we offer:

  • VIP status (well, you do get a lanyard in different color)
  • Access to speakers lounge (which is just a room with a bunch of couches and sockets)
  • Invitation to the famous and exclusive speakers dinner
  • Free conference admission
  • When we accept at least two sessions, we also cover your hotel accommodation
  • Travel would be on you.

So please hurry and send in your abstracts. This is what we need:

  • A short abstract (catchy headline, 5-10 sentences content) describing what you want to do
  • A recent picture of you in decent quality
  • A quick biography (10 sentences of who you are, what you have done with Powershell so far, previous speaker or trainer or other experience)
  • 2016 speakers do not need to hand in picture and bio unless they have changed their appearance considerably or would want to include new things into their bios

Please submit your session proposal here:

Session Proposal Submission Form

If that form should not work for you for any reason, please send it to [email protected].

Please do it soon! First come, first serve.

If you just love to present a PowerShell project or use-case from your company, or something along these lines, please also submit an abstract! We reserved room for reports from the field. Note however that reports from the field will not come with the speakers privileges outlined above, simply due to budget constraints (you will get the famous speakers lanyard and access to the speakers lounge, though!).


Many thanks!