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PSSharper in ISESteroids

We are working on an exciting new feature called “PSSharper” – a set of functionality that helps understanding PowerShell code, finding issues, and quickly improving (“sharpening”) existing code. Any c# developer knows the awesome work done by ReSharper from JetBrains. ISESteroids soon starts to provide similar features for PowerShell. As always, at no extra cost. All updates are free, no “maintenance fee” or subscription hassle.

To give you a better understanding what we are talking about, have a look:

PSSharper Overview

Noticed the “dimmed” variables? Coloring immediately indicates where variables (or parameters) are uninitialized – or just mistyped. Colors change while you type, so you get immediate feedback.

We expect to come out with a first version of this later next week, and will then start adding more functionality. At this point we’d like to get your feedback: what are the things you miss most when it comes to real-time coding support like this?

Please use our support forum to get in touch with us. We’re looking forward hearing from you!