The Win32_Desktop class represents the common characteristics of a user’s desktop. The properties of this class can be modified by the user to customize the desktop.

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In this WMI class, all WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them.


Data type UInt32


Data type UInt32

The BorderWidth property sets the width of the borders around all windows with adjustable borders.

Example: 3.


Data type String

A short textual description (one-line string) of the CIM_Setting object.


Data type Boolean

The CoolSwitch property indicates whether fasttask switching is turned on. Fast task switching allows the user to switch between windows using the ALT+TAB keyboard combination.


Data type UInt32

The CursorBlinkRate property indicates the length of time between successive cursor blinks.

Example: 530.


Data type String

A textual description of the CIM_Setting object.


Data type Boolean

The DragFullWindows property indicates whether the contents of a window are shown when a user moves the window.

Values: $true or $false. A value of $true indicates the content of the window is displayed while the user moves the window.


Data type UInt32

The GridGranularity property indicates the spacing of the grid that windows are bound to on the desktop. This makes organizing windows easier. The spacing is usually fine enough that the user does not notice it.

Example: 1.


Data type UInt32

The IconSpacing property specifies the spacing between icons.

Example: 75


Data type String

The IconTitleFaceName property indicates the nameof the font used for the names of the icons.

Example: MS San Serif.


Data type UInt32

The IconTitleSize property indicates the icon font size.

Example: 9.


Data type Boolean

The IconTitleWrap property indicates whether the icon’s title text wraps to the next line.

Values: $true or $false. A value of $true indicates the title wraps to the next line.


Data type String

The Name property indicates the name that identifies the current desktop profile.

Example: MainProf


Data type String

The Pattern property indicates the name of the pattern used as the background for the desktop


Data type Boolean

The ScreenSaverActive property indicates whether the screen saver is active.

Values: $true or $false. A value of $true indicates the screen saver is active.


Data type String

The ScreenSaverExecutable property indicates the name of the current screen saver executable file.

Example: LOGON.SCR.


Data type Boolean

The ScreenSaverSecure property determines whether the password is enabled for the screen saver.

Values: $true or $false. If $true, the screen saver password is enabled.


Data type UInt32

The ScreenSaverTimeout property indicates the amount of time that passes before the screen saver starts.


Data type String

The identifier by which the CIM_Setting object is known.


Data type String

The Wallpaper property indicates the file name for the wallpaper design on the background of the desktop.

Example: WINNT.BMP


Data type Boolean

The WallpaperStretched property indicates whether the wallpaper is stretched to fill the entire screen. Microsoft Plus! must be installed before this option is available.

Values: $true and $false. A value of $true indicates the wallpaper is stretched to fit the entire screen. If $false, the wallpaper retains its original dimensions on the desktop background.


Data type Boolean

The WallpaperTiled property indicates whether the wallpaper is tiled or centered.

Values: $true or $false. A value of $true indicates the wallpaper is tiled.



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