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Each instance of this class represents a source file with it’s various attributes, ordered by a unique, non-localized identifier. For uncompressed files, the File property is ignored, and the FileName column is used for both the source and destination file name. You must set the ‘Uncompressed’ bit of the Attributes column for any file that is not compressed in a cabinet.

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In this WMI class, all WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them.


Data type UInt16

Integer containing bit flags representing file attributes (with the decimal value of each bit position in parentheses). See the remarks below for more information: Bit 0: Read Only (1) Bit 1: Hidden (2) Bit 2: System (4) Bit 8: Split (256) – the file is split between two or more compression cabinets Bit 9: Vital (512) – this file is vital for the proper operation of the component to which it belongs Bit 12: Permanent (4096) – the file will not be removed on uninstall Bit 13: Uncompressed (8192) – the file is uncompressed on the source media Bit 14: Patch (16384) (reserved for future use) Bit 15: PatchSourceIgnore (32768) – the file can be ignored during a patch upgrade if it is run-from-source


Data type String


Data type String

An identifier used in conjunction with other keys to uniquely identify the check


Data type Boolean

The CheckMode property is used to indicate whether the condition is expected to exist or not exist in the environment. When the value is $true, the condition is expected to exist (e.g., a file is expected to be on a system) so invoke() is expected to return $true. When the value is $false, the condition is not expect to exist (e.g., a file is not to be on a system) so invoke is expected to return $false


Data type UInt32

The Checksum property is a checksum calculated as the 16-bit sum of the first 32 bytes of the file.


Data type UInt32

The CRC1 property is the CRC value calculated using the middle 512K bytes.


Data type UInt32

The CRC2 is the CRC value for the middle 512K bytes with a offset modulo 3 to the start of the file of zero.


Data type DateTime

The creation date and time of the file.


Data type String

A description of the objects.


Data type String

A unique key which identifies a file within the scope of a product.


Data type UInt64


Data type String

List of decimal language Ids, comma-separated if more than one.


Data type String

The MD5 algorithm is a well-known algorithm for computing a 128-bit checksum for any file or object. The likelihood of two different files producing the same MD5 checksum is very small (about 1 in 2^64), and as such, the MD5 checksum of a file can be used to construct a reliable content identifier that is very likely to uniquely identify the file. The reverse is also $true. If two files have the same MD5 checksum, it is very likely that the files are identical. For purposes of MOF specification of the MD5 property, the MD5 algorithm always generates a 32 character string. For example: The string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz generates the string c3fcd3d76192e4007dfb496cca67e13b. See http://www. rsa.com/pub/rfc1321.txt for details on the implementation of the MD5 algorithm.


Data type String

Either the name of the file or the name of the file with a directory prefix.


Data type UInt16

Sequence with respect to the media images; order must track cabinet order.


Data type String

This is an identifier for this software element.


Data type UInt16

The software element state of a software element


Data type UInt16

The target operating system of the this software element.


Data type String

Version should be in the form .. or .



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