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This class specifies any Data Sources (DSNs) that need to be registered as part of an installation.

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In this WMI class, all WMI properties are read-only. You can only read values but not change them.


Data type String


Data type String

An identifier used in conjunction with other keys to uniquely identify the check


Data type Boolean

The CheckMode property is used to indicate whether the condition is expected to exist or not exist in the environment. When the value is $true, the condition is expected to exist (e.g., a file is expected to be on a system) so invoke() is expected to return $true. When the value is $false, the condition is not expect to exist (e.g., a file is not to be on a system) so invoke is expected to return $false


Data type String

Token name for the data source within its package.


Data type String

A description of the objects.


Data type String

The associated ODBC driver name.


Data type String

The name used to identify this software element


Data type String

The type of registration for this data source.

) indicates per machine,

1 indicates per user.


Data type String

This is an identifier for this software element.


Data type UInt16

The software element state of a software element


Data type UInt16

The target operating system of the this software element.


Data type String

Version should be in the form .. or .



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