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Data type Boolean

If $true, add the Administrator group to roaming user profiles.


Data type Boolean

If $true, allow cross-forest user policy and roaming user profiles. If $false, a roaming profile user receives a local profile when logged on to a cross-forest domain.


Data type Object

Contains the parameter for the background upload of a roaming user profile’s registry file while the user is logged on.


Data type UInt16

If the DeleteRoamingCache property is $true, this property specifies the number of days after which a user profile should be deleted. User profiles older than this number of days are deleted when the computer is restarted.


Data type Boolean

If $true, cached copies of the roaming profile are deleted at log off


Data type Boolean

If $true, do not detect slow network connections. If $false, use the SlowLinkTimeOutParams property to determine whether the computer has a slow network connection.


Data type Boolean

If $true, do not forcibly unload the user’s registry when the user logs off.


Data type Boolean

Indicates if the settings configured through this WMI class are taking affect.


Data type String

The roaming profile path to be set for all users that log on to this computer. The path should be in the form of \\ComputerName\ShareName\%USERNAME%.


Data type Boolean

If $true, allow only local user profiles.


Data type Boolean

If $true, don’t check the owners of user profiles.


Data type Boolean

If $true, a configured roaming profile will only be downloaded if the machine is a primary computer for the user.


Data type Boolean

If $true, prevent roaming profile changes from being copied to the server.


Data type Object

Contains slow network connection timeout parameters to be used for user profiles.


Data type Boolean

If $true, the user is prompted to specify whether his or her profile should be downloaded even when the network connection is slow.


Data type Boolean

If $true, do not allow users to log in with temporary profiles.


Data type UInt16

The maximum time, in seconds, to wait for the network transport to be available if a user has a roaming user profile. If the network is unavailable after this time has elapsed, the user is logged on, but the profile is not synchronized.


Data type Boolean

If $true, wait for a remote user profile.



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